what does shuttle mean when renting a car

What Does Shuttle Mean When Renting a Car?

If you’re in the market to rent a car, you may have noticed that some models are equipped with Shuttle features, while others aren’t. But what does this term mean, and how will it affect your rental experience? 

For example, if you’re visiting Disney World with your family, you might want to plan your visit around the availability of an SUV with a shuttle feature. So, what does shuttle mean when renting a car, this blog post will answer that.

Rental company shuttle

The word shuttle usually means to move from place to place in the quickest way possible. 

For example, when you are at the airport you can get on the shuttle train and go quickly through to baggage claim so that you can leave sooner. 

But what does it mean when renting a car? The most common usage of the shuttle in car rental is whether there is transportation from the airport to pick up your vehicle. 

If there is a shuttle, then someone will meet you in your rented car and take you back to the airport. 

Some companies offer free shuttles, while others charge an additional fee for this service. 

If you would like to have a personal driver who meets you at the airport, look for a personal chauffeur or airport chauffeur services. 

This may be helpful if you have children, pets, large luggage, and/or any other special needs.

Airport shuttle or rental company

When you rent a car, you’ll need to know how to get back and forth from the airport or where you’re going. 

If you book through the rental company’s website, this often includes a complimentary shuttle service that will take you back and forth between the rental car lot and the airport for your return trip. 

However, if not included in your booking, it’s worth asking whether shuttle services are available as an add-on to your reservation when picking up your vehicle at the rental location.  

In many cases, shuttles are operated by third-party companies that may have different hours of operation than the rental company. 

Some rental car companies do provide their own shuttles as part of their standard service for customers. 

The rates can vary based on mileage and destination point, but typically range between $8-$10 per person one way with a two-hour minimum charge. 

It is also possible to arrange private transfers using local limousine companies or other transportation options including shuttle buses and taxis. 

Taxi service

You’ve been searching all over for a new car rental company, but everywhere you turn, all the rates are the same. 

This is common in these situations because most companies offer what’s called a free shuttle service. 

Free shuttle service simply means that the company offers an on-site lot where customers can pick up their cars and leave at their convenience. 

The shuttles are available 24 hours a day to take renters to and from the lot. Most companies will also provide their own drivers to take passengers to the airport or bus station if needed. 

This free service saves time and money by eliminating the need to hire taxi services. 

The shuttle driver will help load luggage onto the van, which saves waiting time at baggage claim. 

When using this option, it is important to remember your return flight information so that your driver knows when he needs to be back at the company lot. If you forget your flight details, there is no problem with contacting the company for assistance. 

Some people find it useful to print out copies of their itinerary, so they have them available at all times. 

In other cases, travelers may prefer printing off PDFs of their itinerary ahead of time, so they don’t have to do anything while they’re away from home. 

So shuttle might just mean getting to their destination without hassle. It means being able to get to the airport quickly and easily. 

It could mean having someone drive you back after your trip ends, or helping you with heavy bags on your way into town. 

Sometimes what it really comes down to is not having any problems finding a car! 

Whatever your preferred style of travel, there are plenty of options out there that can help make your trips more enjoyable. With affordable prices and flexible policies, now is the perfect time to start shopping around for your next rental. 

Taking your own vehicle

One option when you are renting a car is taking your own vehicle. 

Many companies allow you to drive your own vehicle on their fleet. This can be done by reserving an existing car or having one delivered to you once you’ve reached your destination. 

If you want the company to deliver it, they will also provide a shuttle service from the airport or from your home. You’ll need to check with the company before booking if this is something that they offer and what fees may apply. 

They should have a representative available 24 hours to answer any questions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What does a shuttle mean at the time of renting a car? 

A shuttle is any transportation that meets you at your arrival point and transports you to your destination. This can include limos, minivans, buses, and more. While most shuttles offer the same types of vehicles, they may differ by offering more upscale vehicles or specialty services such as pickup at the airport curb.

Can you pick up a rental car from the airport?  

Yes, you can pick up a car from the nearby rental car services from the airport within a short time.

Can you get to your destination by using a rental car shuttle service? 

Yes, of course. A car rental shuttle can take you to your intended location. Many companies offer luxury shuttles that pick you up and drop you off at your home or another location. Some include perks such as Wi-Fi, beverages, and snacks for convenience.

Wrapping up

If you’re wondering what does shuttle mean when renting a car, you may want to look at its common meaning in English. Basically, the definition of the shuttle can be interpreted to mean the act of doing something repeatedly or over and over again. 

If this is the case, then shuttling is also an everyday term used for traveling back and forth between two locations, like for work or school. It’s possible that if you didn’t understand what shuttle means when renting a car, it could be that the rental company was telling you where they would pick up your rental car.

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