can you take a glass picture frame on an airplane

Can You Take a Glass Picture Frame on an Airplane?

Picture frames are often made of glass, making them fragile and not the easiest things to travel with. You might think that you can’t take one on an airplane and wonder if can you take a glass picture frame on an airplane. 

In this blog post, you will get to know the answer to your query. While they do have certain limitations, there are ways you can pack and transport your picture frame safely. Here’s what you need to know about flying with glass picture frames.

What does TSA say?

Before you think about carrying something on the flight and mostly when you have the least confusion about it, better to check out it on the TSA website.

They have clearly defined their policies regarding certain items.

So go to their website and find information about it.

A lot of people were not sure if they can take glass picture frames on airplanes. 

For example, can you take a glass picture frame or a flower vase on an airplane? What is the answer to that question? 

Yes, as long as they are protected against breakage inside another box or wrapped tightly in paper and your carry-on bag (you don’t want broken glass shards mixed up with your clothes!).

According to TSA’s website you can carry a glass picture frame in both carry-on and checked bags. Let’s have a look at this part of their website.


I recommend that you pack them in your checked baggage, but if they are packed in a carry-on, they need to be protected, so that they won’t break. 

But wait! How can you protect your photo frame for the flight? Is there any way to wrap a photo frame for air travel? 

Well, there are some options like wrapping the photo frame in cloth and packing it into another container or wrapping it in bubble wrap and put into other boxes or luggage. 

How to pack a glass picture frame?

If you’re taking your glass picture frame in your carry-on bag, there’s no need to remove the photo. 

The TSA advises that as long as the metal or frames are tightly wrapped and encased, they should be fine to go through airport security. 

Check with your airline before traveling to see if they have any restrictions on what you can bring onboard. 

Airlines typically don’t allow fragile items like glass in the cabin, so it may be best to pack it below in checked luggage. Though there will be the risk of damage. 

However, check with your carrier because some airlines will allow you to bring it to the cabin.

Since many airports offer curbside check-in for travelers without checking bags, this is another option for getting around this restriction. 

It’s also important to note that due to x-ray scanning procedures, some pictures may be blurry when removed from their protective frames. If your photo frame has broken glass, it’s not recommended that you take it on the plane. 

So keep all of these points in mind when deciding whether to pack your precious heirloom with you during travel! 

If you need to bring something that is fragile, it’s a good idea to wrap it in something like bubble wrap or packing paper. Then put it inside another piece of luggage, so it can’t break if the luggage gets tossed about during transport. 

For this reason, fragile items should be carried on and placed in the airplane’s overhead bins or under seats near you rather than checked-in baggage where they can more easily be damaged. 

The same holds true for glass picture frames. If you’re taking a glass photo frame with you on your flight, make sure to carry it with you when boarding the plane, not in your suitcase. Place it either in the overhead bin or underneath your seat.

But what do you do if there is no time for this because your flight is departing soon? 

Don’t worry! These tips can help you out! 

If you’re really tight on time, use crumpled newspaper as filler in your suitcase. It will fill empty space and prevent the glass from breaking if it is thrown around during transport. 

Wrap the newspaper around the entire photo frame, not just one side before placing it inside your suitcase or other containers. 

Another option would be to use styrofoam peanuts which can provide cushioning protection against shocks without adding too much weight or bulkiness to your luggage. Just make sure to pick out all the little bits of styrofoam peanuts after your trip. 

Crumpled newspapers can also work as well. 

Is it safe to check if you have insurance for your items?

Carrying photo frames in flight is generally safe, but many airlines will not allow it. 

Most airlines are strict with anything that can shatter or leak for safety reasons. It’s better to check the policies for your airline if you want to take a glass picture frame on the plane with you. 

Most typically, I do not advise people to do this since you might get lost in luggage lines, which can lead to delayed flights and extra security measures which are time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Unfortunately, there is no insurance that will cover you for your items if they are lost or damaged. If you want to carry with you fragile items, try to be as much careful as you can. Make sure to store fragile items in hard containers or padded cases. 

Put less breakable items such as books, clothes, shoes, and toiletries into your checked baggage as well. This way, all of your breakables will have their own container and can easily be seen by TSA agents while going through the checkpoint. 

Glass photo frames can also be carried onto planes if you pack them in a protective case, just make sure to mention it when checking in. Many other types of glasses can be allowed inside the cabin too, so long as they don’t contain liquids.  These include clear plastic eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses without lenses. 

As always, double-check with your airline before trying to bring any potentially dangerous items onboard.

What airline luggage policies are the most friendly to largely fragile items?

Carrying a photo frame in flight is no different from carrying any other type of carry-on item. 

The TSA regulations for items that are allowed to be brought onboard state that travelers can only bring liquids in containers that hold 3.4 ounces or fewer per item. It may not exceed one quart-sized bag and one personal item per traveler. 

Travelers can also bring foods, as long as they are stored in their original packaging and the total amount does not exceed a certain weight. 

There is no limit to the number of books you can bring onboard the aircraft, but the weight is defined. 

All other items will need to go through screening at the checkpoint before they are allowed past security. 

The glass picture frame needs to go through screening with your laptop, tablet, and other electronics. 

This means the glass picture frame must pass through the X-ray machine, which can cause breakage if it goes unchecked. 

Some airlines have policies about how many pieces of luggage can be checked without paying an additional fee, so make sure to check before packing too much. 

Some airlines charge for anything over 50 pounds of checked baggage, so always check the weight limits before deciding what can and cannot fly with you.

How should you transport your fragile item in carry-on baggage?

Photo frames that are made of glass or tempered glass are subject to flight restrictions. 

So, in order to avoid the possibility of incurring any damage, most airlines do not allow these types of items in carry-on luggage. 

Generally speaking, framed art and memorabilia will be accepted as carry-on baggage in some cases. 

However, airline employees may require you to check your fragile photo frame at the gate if it doesn’t fit within your carry-on bag. 

To avoid this hassle, I recommend packing soft goods such as pillows around your photo frame when traveling with them in hand baggage. 

You can also purchase a hard plastic protective case for your delicate items to travel more securely. 

Either way, always let the gate agent know about your fragile item before boarding, so they can let you know if they need you to have it checked at the last minute. 

Carrying a photo frame in flight is possible. However, it does depend on what type of photo frame it is. Allowing fragile objects such as a glass picture frame is sometimes restricted on airplanes because there’s no guarantee that the object won’t get damaged during transit. 

For example, some flight attendants might request that you take the glass photo frame off the plane and put it into your checked luggage. It can help to pack clothes or pillows around your delicate item when traveling by air. 

When checking a fragile item like a glass picture frame, make sure to notify airport staff beforehand and ask for permission prior to proceeding through security lines.

How to wrap your item for maximum protection?

If you’re looking to take your frame with you in your carry-on, consider wrapping it securely in protective packaging like bubble wrap or packing paper before placing it inside the glass frame. 

Just make sure that the protective packaging is less than six inches high because some airlines have strict regulations about luggage sizes and weight. 

There are also heavy restrictions when flying internationally. In these cases, you’ll need to consult the airline’s website for more information on their specific policies. 

Some airlines allow you to bring items through security as long as they are wrapped and small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. 

Be aware that there may be limitations on what can be carried onto airplanes at different airports, so always check ahead of time for any changes in policy! 

It can be stressful to realize that something was forgotten only after it has been checked through security, which is why many people opt to use the airport kiosks instead of carrying items themselves. 

While you might not know if your photo frame will cause any issues until you get past airport security, it’s better safe than sorry. 

You can do so by taking extra precautions beforehand, such as having someone hold onto the framed photo for safekeeping while passing through metal detectors or requesting a private screening if available.

What kind of damage could happen to your glass picture frame while in transit?

If you decide to bring your glass picture frame with you during your travels, it’s important to know what the risk of damage could be. 

There are many ways for your glass photo frame to become damaged. It could be dropped from your hand and shattered. 

It can break if the trolley bumps into it or when pulling it out of the overhead bin, putting pressure in all directions. 

The final thing that can happen is that the flight attendant might not like the idea of carrying your fragile item through security and making you put it back in your luggage. 

So before you pack anything, consider whether this item will be allowed on board as well as how much care it will need while in transit. 

What kind of damage could happen if you check your item as checked baggage, but it sits under other luggage or cargo in the plane’s hold?

The United States Department of Transportation, or DOT, regulates whether certain items can be carried aboard the plane as carry-on baggage or checked baggage. 

One item that is not permitted in either carry-on or checked baggage is any object made of glass. If you are traveling with fragile items such as glass items in your luggage, you need to take extra precautions. 

For example, if you have a photo frame in your luggage, and it breaks due to rough handling by the airline, they may charge you for the damage. They may even deny boarding because they could deem it too dangerous for other passengers. 

Fortunately, this will not happen if you check it as baggage rather than a carry-on. But make sure to pack it carefully so that it does not break during transit. 

To be safe, ask the airline about their policies before packing anything breakable in your bag. 

There is a good chance that many airlines allow picture frames on planes; however, always double-check before packing one. 

Make sure to pack your picture frame safely so that it doesn’t break during transit.

Checking can help protect your picture frame from potential mishandling, but do not forget to ask the airline about their policies first!

Important things to remember when traveling with glass

To keep glass safe and make sure it can travel with you as checked baggage, do not pack fragile items in your carry-on or suitcase. 

Instead, place those items in your checked baggage. 

In the event that there is any damage to the item during transport, you can file a claim at the airport for reimbursement. 

Remember that most airlines will require picture frames, and other delicate items to be packed in their original packing materials if they are not in their original box. 

If you’re packing a photo frame, use bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts to cushion the frame inside your luggage. Pack the foam around all sides of the frame so that it’s secure. 

If you’re checking a glass photo frame, don’t forget to mark Fragile on all sides of the package before sending it through TSA screening and onto your flight!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take a large picture on a plane? 

Yes, you can carry a large piece of artwork. But it would be better to carry it in your checked luggage.

Can you bring a photo frame on the airplane? 

Yes, as long as it’s not made of glass, you can bring it without having to face any restrictions.

Can you carry a poster on a plane? 

Yes, but it should be rolled up or folded before going through security. If not, better to pack it inside your carry-on.

Can I bring art supplies on a plane?

According to the existing rules of TSA, you can carry art supplies on a plane. But you need to remember that there must not be any liquid or gel-based thing over 3.4oz.

Wrapping Up

So, what are your thoughts? Can you take a glass picture frame on an airplane or not? Yes, you can take it, but you need to be very careful while handling it. If the photo frame has any sharp edges, you must make sure they are wrapped up so that they do not break through the wrapping and potentially cut other passengers. 

When you have any doubts about your picture frame, get in touch with your airline to confirm. In case they tell you that it’s not allowed, be sure to wrap it up really well and keep it somewhere safe while in transit so that nobody gets hurt if you drop it or something.

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