Lego is a popular hobby for all ages

Why Lego is a popular hobby for all ages

It’s hard to deny that Lego is a popular hobby for all ages in today’s world. But what makes this building toy so popular? 

Whether you just want to be able to impress your friends with an impressive Lego creation or you have the ambition to start your own small business, there are plenty of reasons why you should pick up a box of Lego pieces at your local store today. 

Read on to find out why!

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Lego has been around for many years

In fact, it’s one of the most popular toys in history. Lego sets come in many themes, and each theme has its own unique set of instructions.

The Lego Group started as a small company based in Denmark making wooden toys that were mostly used as construction toys for children. The company got into financial difficulties in 1932 when they had an economic downturn due to the Great Depression.

Since its invention in Denmark in 1949, Lego has become an iconic and memorable toy. 

Lego bricks are made from ABS plastic and can be assembled together in many ways to create objects or scenes from various scales, from the miniature models of buildings and vehicles to the huge models of houses and whole towns.

But why does Lego resonate with people so deeply? The answer might surprise you! It’s not just about nostalgia or being able to build almost anything you can imagine — there are plenty of other types of toys that can do that. 

What makes Lego such an engaging and fun toy, even for adults, is its versatility. Lego sets go way beyond building toys; they include many elements that appeal to players of any age and interest, making them some of today’s most sought-after gifts.

Lego makes building blocks cool again

Lego’s popularity extends far beyond childhood. Whether you played with Legos as a kid or decided to pick them up as an adult, it’s easy to see why these colorful interlocking bricks are one of today’s most popular hobbies. And that’s not just because they encourage creativity in kids! The concept of building and creating is something adults love too. 

Lego blocks are more than just some annoying little toy you played with as a kid; they’re also some of today’s most-used building toys, and are probably one of your favorite childhood memories.

The company has made an effort to diversify its line over time, adding in lines like Star Wars, Nexo Knights, Friends, and even Minecraft Lego sets. This wide array means that Lego can appeal to both children and adults.

Kids love Legos because they can use their imaginations to create whatever they can think of. Teens and adults often love Legos because they are creative, and Lego building allows them to be more creative than most other hobbies allow. This creativity often leads to increased confidence, which makes many people fall in love with Legos.

Reasons why Lego has become a popular hobby

Today we take a look at five reasons why Lego has become a popular hobby, both in your childhood home and among grown-ups looking to get back into their Legos once again… 

1. It’s safe 

There are lots of ways to get hurt on a playground — but you don’t have to worry about that with Lego. Parents love Lego because it doesn’t involve anything dangerous like climbing or falling (the worst thing that can happen with these toys is stepping on one).

And since it’s not fast-paced, you don’t have to worry about how long children will spend playing — they can play as long as they want! 

2. It’s easy to keep up with

Lego sets aren’t just affordable; they also make great gifts year after year, which means parents aren’t constantly having to spend money on replacing old toys. 

3. It gets them building from an early age

Building isn’t just beneficial for kids who aspire to be architects or contractors when they grow up; it helps kids practice problem solving and develop fine motor skills along the way. 

4. Lego teaches basics such as sorting, counting, and following instructions

With Lego bricks, there’s always more than one right answer. Sometimes you need to count by twos; other times you might have to figure out where something fits best. This type of thinking is great for young minds trying to master basic math concepts that will help them succeed later in life. 

5. Lego helps kids and adults think unconventionally

Like adults, kids learn through trial and error. Lego enables them to experiment with different solutions — even if it involves throwing together random pieces in order to get something new built. Some people say Lego inspires creativity because its pieces can snap together so many different ways.

6. Lego isn’t just building sets

Lego products are more than just building sets—they’re an entire experience. Whether it’s going to Legoland, collecting mini-figures, or even learning how to code with Lego Mindstorms kits, these things are designed not only to teach children but also inspire creativity in others of any age. 

That’s what makes Lego so special: It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy making castles or spaceships; your kit might be different from someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bond over your shared love of all things Lego.

How to get started building with Legos

Legos can be used to build just about anything your imagination can dream up. They’re also a great way to develop and hone some important skills like problem-solving, planning, following directions, and more. 

But if you’ve never built with Legos before, getting started may feel overwhelming at first—there are lots of pieces, they don’t always fit together how you expect them to, and it can be hard to tell what everything is meant to do. 

Fortunately, there are tons of other builders out there who’ve already figured out which sets will help beginners get on their feet (and stay there), as well as where to find instructions so you can start building right away. Best of all, a little prep work now will ensure that every new set is an exciting opportunity to grow and learn!

There’s nothing quite like building something from scratch using only your own two hands, a lot of Lego bricks… and maybe a friend or two.

10 Unique Ways to Play With Legos

1) Create your own Lego set

Don’t think Lego is right for you? That may be more due to your own creativity than anything else. Sure, you can buy sets with instructions, but what fun is that? If you have time on your hands and enjoy making things by hand, try inventing a Lego set of your own.

The process of putting something together from scratch with Lego pieces provides hours of fun, and there are plenty of online resources to get started.

2) Build a Lego car

Building a Lego car teaches you how to follow instruction manuals, which will come in handy when you need to know what wires and plugs go where. It also teaches patience and perseverance, as putting together an epic Lego creation can take hours.

And, above all else, building something with Lego pieces creates opportunities for kids to use their imagination as they make something that doesn’t yet exist in real life. You don’t need instructions on how to build your own fantasy city!

3) Build a Lego house

Lego houses are one of my favorite types of Lego builds. Lego houses are so fun to build because they’re not onasy but also fairly quick to make. Also, due to their simplicity, it doesn’t matter if you have strong building skills or not; as long as you know how to follow instructions, you can successfully create a Lego house. ly eThere are some tips that can help when building your Lego house though.

4) Create your own Lego movie

You can create a lego movie all by yourself.

Take your time filming, editing and doing voice overs because there are some people who even make hundreds of dollars per month by creating Lego movies. Some people build entire Lego cities while others play out full-length novels using them instead of props.

The possibilities are endless when creating Lego movies, so go ahead and let that creative mind run wild. Create something funny or romantic or scary (as long as it’s appropriate) so that viewers can fall into the world you created around them!

When you’re done with your Lego movie, send it to Lego and they will put it on their Youtube channel. This can be a great start of your career in show business. Your videos should be about 25 minutes long. Not too short and not too long, just like Goldilocks would have said: not too hot, not too cold but just right!

5) Build the world you want to live in

With LEGO bricks, you’re limited only by your imagination. The possibilities are limitless; you can build whatever you want. Some people say they enjoy building with LEGO because it helps them relax—and having something to do with their hands helps their brain shut off. At night, I sleep better knowing that when I wake up, I can build whatever my mind’s eye imagines (within reason).

6) Make an animal out of Legos

Lego bricks are fun to play with by themselves, but they’re even more fun when you use them to build something. They make great toys, of course, but they also make great mediums for art. You can easily create your own works of Lego art by creating an animal out of Legos and then displaying it in your home or giving it as a gift. Give it try! It might be harder than you think!

7) Create an imaginary world with Legos

Playful and creative, Legos are perfect toys to encourage pretend play in children. The great thing about Legos is that they can be used to create just about anything: houses, castles, planes, boats… anything at all!

The important part of Lego play isn’t what you build; it’s about how you use your imagination and how much fun your kids have. Why don’t you build something with them? You may find that it sparks some creativity in yourself too!

8 ) Make an architectural design with Legos

As you study architecture, you will learn to create everything from simple designs to large-scale projects. If your favorite activity as a child was building things with Legos, then architecture might be your calling. With Legos, you can build anything from houses and cars to bridges and skyscrapers.

9) Build the tallest tower you can make out of Legos in one minute or less (speed building)

Lego fans all over use speed building to see who can build a tower fastest. The current world record for speed building stands at just under 20 seconds, but with some practice you could be faster than that!

It may not seem like much time, but consider how quickly those bricks stack up – and think about how frustrated your friends will be if they’re counting on you to beat their record. Just make sure not to knock your Lego tower down before time runs out; builders take their failures very seriously.

10) Use Legos as a form of art

Sometimes people don’t think of Lego as an art form, but it really can be. This type of art isn’t just fun to build, it also inspires kids and adults to work together and use their imaginations. Furthermore, building with Legos has been proven to help kids develop important skills like motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Avoid These Mistakes When Building With Legos

Legos are fun—there’s no denying that. Whether you’re playing with them as a child or letting your inner child out by building structures with them as an adult, Legos offer hours of entertainment and creativity. 

Just one mistake, however, can render your entire creation useless; Legos have been building up in landfills long before it was cool to recycle things! Luckily, there are ways to avoid these mistakes when building with Legos. 

By following a few simple guidelines and committing to reducing waste, even seasoned builders can create buildings worthy of Lego status. 

It’s also fun; figuring out how to build something new or interesting adds an extra layer of challenge. 

Organize Legos when you’re done. Cleaning up as you go can avoid bigger cleanups later on. Also, keeping similar Lego pieces in one place makes them easier to find when you need them next time around. 

Recycle Legos that don’t work – There’s no shame in trying again! If your creation just won’t stay together, try using it as part of another structure (if possible). If not, recycle what you can and keep building with Lego!

Legos can be an inexpensive and creative way to bring out your inner artist. But if you don’t watch out, it can also end up as another piece of plastic in a landfill. Avoid these mistakes when building with Legos by planning ahead, organizing your supplies, and recycling what you can. With these simple steps, you’ll go from Lego builder to Lego artist in no time! 

Few Amazing Lego Sets For Any Budget

Lego has been around since 1949, so it’s no surprise that almost anyone you talk to has heard of (and likely owns) at least one set. The Lego brand is huge, with hundreds of sets to choose from. Some are big and expensive, while others are smaller and more affordable. 

No matter your budget or interests, there’s something out there for everyone! 

Here are some amazing Lego sets we love X-Wing Starfighter: Everyone loves Star Wars, but thanks to Lego fans—who bring us new builds every year—we can get closer than ever before to our favorite scenes and characters. This set in particular recreates an X-Wing Starfighter used by Luke Skywalker during his attack on Death Star II in Return of the Jedi. It comes complete with miniature versions of R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker figures as well as a mini TIE fighter build. 

$124.99 Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V: Like most people my age, I grew up watching Apollo astronauts go to space every single day after school; so I was pretty pumped when Lego announced they were making a replica of NASA’s famous Saturn V rocket. 

Even cooler? 

They built it in honor of Lego fan Thomas Poulsom who won their official Lego Ideas contest. $349.99 Lego Movie Master Builders Apprentices Training Camp: If you don’t have kids, then chances are—you haven’t seen The Lego Movie yet; but believe me when I say it wasn’t just good, it was hilarious and beautiful . . . and weirdly inspirational.

When I watched The Lego Movie, I couldn’t help but think of how much fun it would be to own one of those worlds and build whatever you wanted. With that in mind, here are some awesome Lego sets you could buy with your hard-earned money. 

If you can’t decide on just one set to buy, pick up two or three—you can never have too many Legos! 

$299.99 Lego City Mining 4×4: Lego has been making building toys since 1949; so they know what they’re doing by now. 

One thing Lego does better than anyone else? Vehicles and buildings. From police stations to airports, Lego makes realistic versions of pretty much everything out there—and their vehicles are no exception.

There are hundreds of different Lego sets available at various price points ranging from small models to full construction sites with moving parts.

Wrapping things up

Lego allows people of all ages to get creative and use their imaginations. It brings people together, builds hand-eye coordination, and fosters communication. 

Lego has been providing these benefits since 1958 when it was first introduced in Billund, Denmark. Even after more than 50 years, kids and adults alike still enjoy creating things out of lego pieces or playing with Lego figures. Lego is a popular hobby for all ages that is why Legos are a great activity to do with friends or family members because everyone can participate in building different creations.

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