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How To Cut Bar Soap for Travel to Avoid Heavy Luggage

While going traveling it is our very common instinct to carry all the lightweight stuff with us, I am sure you are no different. Hence, there is no point in carrying a bar of soap for a few days of stay. Instead, you can take cut bar soap for travel.

So many travelers take their soap in this way during travel. But do you know, how to cut soap without it crumbling? Nothing to worry about then, I have got you covered in this article.

Why do you need to cut bar soap for travel?

You’re at your hotel, packed and ready to leave, but you realize one of your 3-ounce containers of the liquid has leaked all over the rest of your things. You don’t have time to do laundry, so what are you going to do? 

Sounds terrifying, right?

If you take the travel-sized bar soap instead, you won’t have this problem in the first place! 

Soap bars are easier to cut up than blocks and won’t get stuck in the suction between the door and the tub if you drop it down there in your rush to pack up and go.

Benefits of using cut soap bars

There are a number of benefits that come with using cut bar soap. It is a common practice among traveling individuals, both business and leisure. Most travelers do not want to burden themselves with extra weight during their trip. 

Let’s get to know about the benefits of picking cut soap bars for travel.

Saving the cost

The first major benefit of using one piece or puck of soap over an entire package is cost savings. Rather than buying numerous bars of soap in your local market, you can use one small container that contains all you need. 

This can save you money even if there isn’t another person in your family or group who would normally use up all but one piece. You can use the left-out piece for later use anyway.

Saving packaging money

You’ll also save money on packaging when you buy your bar soap online versus purchasing it locally at your grocery store or pharmacy chain. 

There will not be separate packaging for each of the soaps. So there will be a significant saving of money regarding the packaging of the bar soap.

Waste reduction

In addition to saving money, and you get to reduce waste by only having one container instead of several, you can reduce waste by cutting down your bar into smaller pieces. 

If you travel alone or as part of a couple, you don’t have to worry about running out of soap halfway through your trip just because some member of your party used it too quickly! When traveling with multiple people, it makes sense to purchase larger containers of soap so everyone has enough supplies. 

Not carrying extra weight

However, once you get home from vacation or end a business trip, there are chances that you won’t use every last bit of your large bar; chances are you will keep one or two leftover slivers which will go stale while they wait around in your bathroom cabinet.

That would mean you will carry some extra weight for your entire vacation unnecessarily. 

To avoid the leakage of liquid soap

When you are traveling solo, there will be no point in carrying a large bottle of liquid soap along with you, on top of that, it is really very risky.

The soap may leak to your clothes inside the luggage and create a mess. Needless to say, it would ruin your entire mood.

Equipment needed to cut a bar soap for travel

You will need some equipment to cut a bar soap for travel. Those equipment are,

  1. A good pair of scissors
  2. A sharp knife
  3. Lighter fluid
  4. A bowl may be
  5. A cutting board, to cut the soap on it.
  6. Zip-locked bags.

A good pair of scissors, a sharp knife, and lighter fluid are what you will need mostly. You may also want a bowl, but depending on your situation you might be able to improvise by cutting it directly into your sink. 

Once you are done with the cutting bar of the bar soap, try using zip-lock bags or repurpose smaller plastic containers from around your house. These zip-locked bags don’t take up much space and are relatively lightweight to keep with you. 

Steps in cutting the bars

There are a few steps that you need to follow while cutting the bars of soap. Lets get to know about all those bar soap cutting steps.

1. Get a good sturdy cutting board.

2. Use a sharp knife. 

3. Cut along each side of the wrapper until you can lift bars without breaking 

4. Slice each bar into pieces according to needs 

5. Store in tight container, or in a zipped lock bag.

6. Enjoy a nice, long shower with your favorite scent during your vacation! 

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned how many bars you should bring or what kind of material they are made out of. The truth is that there is no perfect amount – it depends on your length of stay and what exactly you do during your trip. 

However, I have found that approximately one month supply per person is perfect for short trips such as one week, while two months supply per person works well when travelling across multiple continents such as Asia and Europe.

Safety Tips in cutting the bars

Cutting a bar soap can end up harming you instead while doing the process if you are not careful enough. So, while cutting the bar you need to be really very careful. 

These are some safety tips that you can follow consciously for sure.

Having sharp knife

Be sure you’re using a sharp knife or grater. If it’s dull, you risk poking your hand or fingers while cutting or slicing up your soap. 

Dried out soap

Also, be sure that when you’re cutting bar soap that they are properly dried out. Wet soaps can be very slippery and hard to handle, leading to accident and injury. 

Enough lighting

Make sure you have adequate lighting in order to see how long your bars of soap are and make even cuts along their length. Soap can be thick and it’s not uncommon for knives to slip as you cut. 

Proper storage of the soap

Be very careful regarding the storage as it would otherwise disturb other stuff in your luggage. Keep it in an air-tight container or a zipped locked packet.

Keeping the unused portion in the original packaging

Be sure to put your unused portions back in their original wrapping after each use. Not only does plastic wrap protect these unused portions from drying out over time, but it also keeps pests away. 

It also adds an extra layer of protection between these parts and other elements in your bag that could potentially damage them further. 

These safety tips will help keep your fingers safe as you use them to hold your bar of soap steady while cutting it into manageable pieces. 

Wrapping things up

If you’re planning a trip, whether it’s a weekend jaunt or a two-week vacation, then you know that weight counts. You want to pack as light as possible while still bringing everything you need. One good way to cut bar soap for travel into smaller pieces and store them in Ziploc bags. 

Whether you’re traveling within your own country or abroad, international flights can make things especially difficult when it comes to extra baggage fees; save yourself some money (and potential stress) by keeping an eye on how much liquid goes in each bag—some may not allow liquids at all!

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