How to Find Out What We Love to Do

How To Find Out What We Love To Do To Live A Happy Life

By birth, we, humans are said to be the supreme creation of them all. From the very primitive stage of mankind, we are looking for various ways to sustain our existence in a not so favorable environment of that particular time.

As days passed by we succeeded in doing so by implementing so many tactics in doing the regular tasks for our livelihood that we are habituated in doing. The Industrial era came eventually with so many inventions of types of machinery that made human life much easier.

But as time kept on moving our lives became so much busy with all regular activities that it started to affect our inner peace and mental satisfaction. So, to cope with this lifestyle of ours we must do something that will soothe our soul and calm our mind.

Not necessarily these works have to be the works that we do intend to earn our livelihood. But these works are not less important for our overall wellbeing as these are the works that we love to do in our lives.

Some People are much blessed from the very beginning of their lives as they know what they love to do in their lives. Some people love music, writing, playing, gardening, crafting, fishing, singing, traveling, photography, graphic designing, web designing, programming, blogging and so on.

Moreover, if they are lucky and blessed enough in life they somehow manage to make it as their livelihood. However, for those who couldn’t do so and also couldn’t identify what are the works they love doing this article will surely help them to get a thorough guideline to it.

How to Find Out What We Love to Do (Most Convenient Ways)

It’s never too late in finding out what we love to do and start doing it at any stage of our lives. Life gets a different meaning if we listen to our inner calling and work accordingly. There is a saying, “Do what You Love, Love What You Do”.

So to make our lives a bit more meaningful and let go of the monotony of our lives we must take some time for ourselves where we will be engrossed in utilizing this time of ours in doing what we love. It could be anything that makes us happy and peaceful and not necessarily a mean of earning our livelihood. 

There are some ways through which we can find what we love to do the most but there are also some hurdles that stop us working on it. Those will be discussed elaborately in this article which will guide us to pursue our passion in life.

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Find Out Some Quiet “Me Time”

We are having very busy lifestyles which make it very difficult to find some time for ourselves. It is extremely difficult for us to find a quiet and relaxed time and or even sometimes we fail to make time for our family which should have been our topmost priority in life. However, if we think deeply we will be able to make some significant time for ourselves and our family if we are ready to sacrifice some certain aspects of our lifestyle.

If we consciously lessen the time of our aimless Facebook homepage scrolling, watching YouTube, NETFLIX or other streaming apps, games addiction during our free time for few months we will eventually get habituated to it and we will be able to have a significant amount of time for doing what we love. When we finally manage to make time for ourselves we can think deeply about ourselves and our wellbeing. The truth lies deep within us what makes us happy to the very core, the answer must come from the very same place.

Think About We Loved Doing As A Child

A child is free from all externalities. A child lives a carefree life and does whatever he likes to do at that moment. He doesn’t think about the outcome most importantly he is free from his fears. We were no different as a child.

If you notice when we ask an adult what was the best time of his life he is most likely to answer that it was his childhood. We will get the same answer in 80% of the cases.


Because that was the time we all grown-ups were careless and fearless. We weren’t bothered about what anyone would say and what might be the outcome of our doings.  That is when we were able to nurture our passion and enjoyed it immensely. After that life happened and we discontinued our passion.

So to identify their passions people must remember what they loved doing most as a child. There might be an important clue which might eventually lead to their needed answer.

Read Journals and Books of Different Sorts

Reading is a good way to finally be able to find out more about ourselves. If we look around all successful entrepreneurs and innovators like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg all are ardent readers.

Book gives us different ideas and perspectives towards life which eventually help us to attain the best version of ourselves. So reading journals and books of the different genres can help us find out what we would love to do for a meaningful and worthy life. It is true, spending money and time on reading books is never a waste rather an investment for a better present and future.

Think About What Would You Do If There Were No Money Involved

Haven’t we all ever thought this way “Only if I had enough money I would      ”?. Surely we have at least once in our lives. To be very honest if we think in a strategic way money is not an issue for doing whatever we want to do to make our life a little bit more worthy by doing what we love to do actually. There are so many ways to save money for pursuing our passion it only takes the willingness of ours to do so. There should not be any space for excuses. Excuses can never lead to a better outcome.

For example, if a 9-5 job holder loves traveling different places and the only thing that is stopping him is money, he can easily overcome it by saving a certain portion of his monthly income and can easily travel according to his budget.

See, all we need is a clear intention and strategic plan to attain our purpose.

What Is That One Task That Seems Natural To You And Makes You Forget About Time:

We are not meant to be good at everything that we do, we do have some certain limitations. Those who tend to be good at everything that comes in front of them end up being “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Though it does not apply to all as they say exception can never be an example.

So, there are some tasks in which we become a pro through practicing and learning with time. On the other hand, there are some tasks in which we are good naturally. So it doesn’t take much time for us to learn and we love doing these works.

Even sometimes we are so engrossed in these works that it makes us forget about the time as it becomes so effortless and enjoyable. These are the tasks in which we never get bored and our progress makes us genuinely happy to the very core of our being.

In short words, we have to find out such tasks in our lives. It has to come naturally within us, must be enjoyable and make us forget about time.

Write Down Your Favorite Tasks on Paper

After working accordingly through all the ways stated above writing down all the tasks is a must-do. This is not something that can be easily ignored writing it down on paper is the first and foremost way of making it happen.  Especially this is most important for the people who have multiple favorite tasks to do and having indecision while choosing one.

Choosing it all can be detrimental as it is always better to have only one focus while choosing something to be apt in it. We can write it down and try to think about which tasks we are better in all aspects over the other. We can take other people’s suggestions to have an unbiased decision.

Research More

It is good to research the task that we love to do. Our efforts can fall short as a result of a lack of research. As the world is changing at an unimaginable pace nowadays we have to try to cope up with it. Even the task that we think we can do best might have some other ways of doing it which might make our works much easier than before.

Or there might be some other way of doing the task that might seem difficult for us and the way we used to do is completely obsolete now. In such a case we must choose some other alternative. So we must stay up to date constantly about it.

We must do our research before coming to a decision. In this era of the Internet doing some research is not much difficult as it seems, as information is much accessible than nowadays before.

What Are The Difficulties We Have To Face While Choosing what We Love To Do For Ourselves?

As it is being said earlier we can choose what we love doing but it is not as easy as it seems as there are some difficulties they must overcome who still haven’t identified it yet. When people make their passion as one of their priorities, anyhow they manage to get through whatever hurdles come in their way. Some people have this preconceived notion that giving time to own betterment is selfish which is completely wrong. Rather mental soundness for a person is as important as physical soundness. We must remember an empty cup can never make another cup full.

Here are some difficulties we have to face while choosing what we love to do for ourselves;

Fear Is What We Must Overcome

Unlike children, we grown-ups are so overly conscious about each of our decisions. We try to do everything calculating every risk involved and consider every pros and con associated with it. Even while doing what we love doing we might think about how much time will it take and if there is an opportunity of making money out of it and what others might think about it.

Please Stop!

Overthinking can only lead to procrastination which you cannot allow yourself. If we love doing something we must go for it suppressing all the fears we are having relating to it. We should not suppress our inner voice. Feeding our soul can make us happy and healthy in the long run and we cannot afford to lose that. Just for some time for each day we must embrace our inner child and let it play and do whatever he likes to do. Nothing can ever make us as happier as it like ever in our lives.

Managing Time For Doing What We love

Managing time can be crucial for some especially for all those 9 to 5 jobholders. But it is not impossible if we proceed with enough determination and effort. As it is being said earlier by compromising certain aspects of lifestyle we can easily make time for pursuing our passion. When we find out our passion it will make us forget about time, we will be that much involved in it. So it is not an issue so far.

Seeking Financial Benefits Out of it

Our passion should not be associated with any financial benefit at least in our minds in the beginning. We must proceed at the beginning only out of our love for it other than anything else. If our task is constructive enough we will be eventually able to monetize it in one way or another. But, if developing this skill it only for making money will lead it to failure as there will be so much expectation associated with it not love. So seeking financial benefit from it should never be our primary concern.

Take Someone as your “Guide” or Guide Yourself

Even if we have identified our favorite task to do we might end up not continuing it for a long time out of demotivation. When working on a particular task gets difficult, and we are ignorant about how to proceed, we have to get guidelines from someone who is doing the task way before us, who already faced that hurdle and overcame it.

We can select our guide virtually, not necessarily we will have to be in his guidance by going somewhere. You can start it right from your own home. We can see the relevant YouTube Channel and listen to Podcasts. If you want to learn singing then there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that would not cost a penny from your pocket. You can absolutely learn how to sing at any age. Even you can learn to play any musical instrument, there are some significant benefits of playing an instrument on the brain.

We can read relevant books on the topic. For saving our time we can also listen to audiobooks. This can be a significant time-saver. But sometimes it can be detrimental too when the person whom we have chosen is not as good as we thought we might be having more loss than the earlier stage. So the best way is to self-research and going in our way through the trial and error process.

This “Self-Guide” process can take a little bit of more time but at the end of it we will be self-learned individuals about that particular work so this would make our journey ahead much easier.     


Are you a lazy person? If so, continuing any work is a real struggle for you.

Procrastination is one of the significant reasons why some people always late for taking the first step for them. What I can do today should be done today; keeping it for tomorrow is a bad idea. Tomorrow is a mystery land for some people it never appears. So people have to work accordingly and stop procrastinating.

We should always keep in mind, “A day gone is gone forever”.

For overcoming these hurdles journalizing on regular basis can be a good idea. We can plan on which day and how many hours we will do a particular task. And at the end of the day, we will identify those works which are being completed according to the plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some signs that I don’t enjoy what I’m currently doing?

Some signs include feeling bored, stressed, or unhappy when doing an activity, dreading it, going through the motions without passion, or daydreaming about doing something else. Pay attention to activities that energize you versus those that drain you.

Why is it important to find activities I’m passionate about?

Spending time doing things you love gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It can reduce stress, improve your self-confidence and mental health, help you connect with others who share your interests, and enable you to make contributions that are meaningful.

How do I figure out what I might be passionate about?

Make a list of past enjoyable activities, talents you possess, subjects that interest you, causes you care about, skills you’d like to develop, and dreams you have for the future. Also pay attention to what you enjoy learning or talking about and what activities give you a sense of “flow.”

What if I have lots of interests but no definite passions?

Explore your many interests by reading books and blogs, talking to others, taking classes, joining groups, or trying new hobbies. Over time you may find yourself drawn to some activities more than others as passions develop. Don’t worry about narrowing it down too quickly.

What if most of my time is taken up by obligations like work or family commitments?

Find small ways to incorporate enjoyable activities into your existing commitments by being creative. Even a 15-minute block of time here and there doing something you love can lift your spirits. Look for micro-adventures that help you learn more about your passions.

How do I find time to nurture my interests?

Review how you’re spending your free time and evaluate if you need to cut back on non-essential obligations. Prioritize activities that bring you joy, even if it means saying no to some things. Wake up earlier to make time for interests or schedule activities on your calendar so you’re sure to do them.

What if I still can’t figure out what I’m passionate about?

This is normal! Give yourself permission to explore without judgment. Some people discover their passions easily, while for others it requires effort and self-discovery over many years. Appreciate this journey and know that your interests, curiosity and purpose can unfold and change over your lifetime.

How do I stay committed to pursuing my passions?

Have an accountability partner, join a group or take a class to stay motivated. Set mini-goals related to your interests, like reading a book on the topic or attending an event. Post inspirational reminders for yourself about why you want to nurture this passion. Most importantly, have fun with the process of discovery and growth!

Final Words

So to sum up we would say that how to find out what we love to do is not a very complicated one to do if we try to find it properly. Just we have to set our priorities right and our intentions clear. If these two things are okay we will be able to identify it.

For making our lives happy and abundant the importance of doing what we love is beyond words. For our family and social life and health, it is so much important and fulfilling. So we must keep on doing what makes us happy without thinking much.

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