Free Time Activities Ideas To Begin With

Free Time Activities Ideas To Begin With (Easy Beginners Guide)

As a human being, you cannot continue doing our day to day works without a break, even for a while. You deserve it for doing it all these times all along. Once in a while, you have to make time for doing what you truly love to do. These works can bring peace to your mind and soothe your soul which can eventually lead to a healthier and happier life.

Life is all about maintaining the balance of your work and personal life. Having a hobby or favorite free time activities can enrich your life in a significant way. Since this blog is all about what we love to do in our life out of passion, this article talks about different free time activities ideas easily doable for a beginner.

Free Time Activities Ideas to Begin with (Easy Beginners Guide)

There is a guide for the people who still haven’t find out what they love to do in their life published earlier on this website. You can read this earlier post how to find out what we love to do to live a happy life as well. If those tactics weren’t helpful enough for you these ideas might be the ones you were looking for all along;

  • Reading:

I know, people who do not read a lot must be thinking reading habits cannot grow an individual overnight which I completely agree. But this is something I will never hesitate to pick as the number one activity to do in free time as nothing can ever be as much fruitful as it.  Nowadays it is even more than just reading.

Through different social media like Goodreads, you can provide your insight on a particular book through a review and eventually you can have engaging followers of your own.

If you are running out of time for your busy schedule you can listen audiobooks through audible on the go.

  • Blogging:

If you are good with words and have a passion to write can start writing through blogging. There are so many free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Medium and so on. You can also start writing on different forums like Quora, Reddit, etc.

Through Amazon, you can even self publish your written books through Kindle Direct Publishing which is hassle-free for a new writer. To know details about it you can read this book.

  • Vlogging:

Vlogging is a new term nowadays. It is almost like blogging just the difference is that the content is video and there is no author but a creator who takes the video of the different subject of different niche and then edits the video file then ultimately uploads it in various platforms mostly on YouTube. Vlogging is suitable for you if you are genuinely interested in video making and editing and to be shown in front of the camera.

Different gadgets can be helpful for beginners. But I would recommend if you want to start it on budget GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera will be really handy.  

  • Photography:

If you are someone who can see the beauty in simple things, photography is definitely for you. Though it is a skill that needs to be learned with time, this is worth it if you truly like doing so in your free time. It takes a really good camera to begin with photography which a little bit expensive for a beginner but as they say, if there is a will there is a way. You can always manage to save some portion of our monthly income to buy what you long to have.

You can learn photography from an expert or you self-learn from various resources available like Udemy, Lynda, Youtube, etc. If you know more about this skill you can go through this book as well.

Learning about photo editing softwares are also important for a photographer. You can buy monthly or yearly subscription of adobe creative cloud from where you can get updated Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other softwares. As a beginner, you can always upload your photos on stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Gettyimage, etc. The advantage is if these photos get sold you can make some money out of it and even if it gets rejected they will inform you of the reason behind the rejection which can improve your photography skill by not repeating the same mistake.

  • Music:

Music is the symphony of the universe.  Listening to good music can be very helpful for an individual. If you listen to it every day for a day it is scientifically proven that it can help you tremendously to lessen the stress you are having for personal or professional reasons. You can either listen to music or learn to play different musical instruments in your free time. There are so many musical instruments like piano, violin, ukulele, guitars, harmonica, flute and so many. You are just one decision away from the first step to become a pro at any of these musical instruments. So take the decision as soon as you so that the world gets to know the talent inside you.

There are so many ways of showcasing your talent through social media if you are looking for fame from your talent. But not necessarily it is essential to learn what you want to learn out of love.

  • Singing:

Some say a beautiful voice for singing is not so common. Only a few people who are blessed with a good voice can sing in tune. It is kind of true, but I believe if you are passionate enough for it you can undoubtedly start singing through constant practice. Some people sing at a very early age and as they grow up their priorities changes and they can hardly manage any time to invest in singing. If you are one of those people it is time you must change what happened in the past and you must make time for practicing singing if this is what makes you truly happy.

Happiness is a choice, which we have to choose for ourselves.

  • Gardening:

There are so many people who love growing trees of various kinds which eventually can be a source of organic foods, different beautiful flowers and many more. Gardening takes a lot of effort and love from an individual to sustain it. If you are someone who loves growing things can start it without even a single thought. With just one Google search you can learn about every single detail about properly doing a garden.

If you are an urban dweller you can learn elaborately as a beginner about indoor gardening through reading this book.

  • Traveling:

Now people are more interested in traveling than before. They are more willing to spend money on experiences other than luxury items. They tend to live a minimalist lifestyle so that it might be easy for them to travel and move to different places from earlier.

If you are one of those kinds, traveling can be a self-fulfilling experience for you. It takes money to travel but if you are determined enough you can easily manage to travel on a budget just by having enough proper information and saving money a little by little every month.

Traveling lets us have new experiences, know about new cultures and meet new people and it helps to shape how we look at life. We get a completely different perspective to look at it.

So what are you waiting for? Just grab your bag and go with a proper plan.

Never forget life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  • Art & Crafts:

Art & Crafts can be one of the best free time activities ideas for kids, stay at home moms and even for every individual who has an interest in it. There are so many ways of arts and crafts like painting, origami, stitching, knitting, crocheting, pottery and so on. These arts & crafts require different tools that are easily available on nearby shops or online e-commerce websites like Amazon.

You can be a pro at a particular art and craft through self-learning as there are different books and video tutorials available online.   

  • Sports:

Sports can be a great beneficial free time activities ideas, to begin with for a person for mind and body as well. Since in our workplace, we tend to do mental works more we need to be active physically as we to stay fit and strong. Our desk job makes us extremely unhealthy in the long run for which sports can be a great escape.

If you were not into sports at any stage of life it can be a little bit intimidating for you. It will be extremely difficult for you to get accustomed to the new activity that you are doing. There will be body ache, muscle ache, and other physical issues. But once you get through this earlier stage this won’t bother you much. Your body will adjust itself with it.

There are so many sorts of sports that can challenge you physically like Football, Cricket, Golf, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basket Ball, Swimming, Skiing, etc.

  • Cooking:

Cooking is another form of art. Foodies like me always find food appealing. So those who find enjoyment in cooking can spend their free time trying a new dish or creating a completely new dish. Even nowadays some people are taking it to a whole new level through their innovative works.

In this new era of social media, people are starting their business out of this skill. Some stay at home moms are making food for their clients from whom they get orders online. Thus, they are making extra money for themselves. There are rising demands for home-cooked food to the people who can’t cook for themselves because of a shortage of time or some other reason. They feel more than happy if they get home-cooked healthy food through just one online order.

  • Coding:

Coding is a skill for the 21st century. It is a great skill to have now for anyone from little school going kids to adults. There are so many schools that have already made it mandatory for their students to have coding skills at a very early stage of their lives.

If you are willing to learn about it the door is always open you can easily start learning from Khan Academy, Free Code Camp and YouTube and there are so many free resources available online. All you need is just to have enough will power of learning and applying it.

Learning coding can make you a smart citizen of today’s time.

  • Fishing:

I am so much fond of this activity as I know how much happiness it gives to me. Whenever I get an opportunity to catch fish I never let it go away in vain.

If you are someone like me you know the happiness out of it. If you are new and never did it before I would tell you to give it a try and surely you will not regret doing so. For the fishing purpose, you will need some tools which can be easily available online and your nearest shops.

  • Star Gazing:

Like me, if you were amazed by those twinkling stars in childhood probably you will still love doing so. This starts are magical and used to take us to their imaginary magic kingdom when we were just a child.

As a grown-up, we can’t go back to that kingdom of stars but we can surely gather facts about those. You are just one search away from getting those facts. For stargazing, you can buy a suitable telescope considering your budget.

  • Dancing:

Dancing can be a great way of relieving stress. While dancing our body moves with the rhythm of the music and our entire body becomes active this is truly good for us.

People can dance as their wish in their way not necessarily they seek perfection out of it. But if you are someone who wants to learn dance with perfection you can go to your nearby dancing school and learn under the supervision of a mentor.

For now, just dance if you feel like. You don’t have to seek validation from anyone else.

  • Meditation:

If you are someone who is dealing with so many stresses both personally and professionally meditation can be of great help to you.

Meditation can make us more self-aware of our well-being and our inner health. Early morning meditation can give us a fresh start of the day.

You can also meditate before going to sleep as it can be really helpful for you to have a sound sleep. Whether you are religious, non-religious you can never deny the physical and spiritual benefits you will be having from meditation.

As a free-time activity idea, you can never ignore meditation considering all the benefits come with it.

  • Watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc:

Considering our busy life Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming apps provide the opportunity to watch our favorite shows according to our own time.

Whenever we get a little bit of free time for ourselves we can watch our favorite shows online as long as we want to with a one-month subscription fee.

Though this is a less productive activity than the other activities, I think a little bit of entertainment also essential for our busy life. I am sure all the millennials will agree with me on this point.

  • Camping:

Once in a while living closer to nature is a necessity for city dwellers like us. These types of activities bring us closer to our roots and make us realize the bond we have with Mother Nature.

Camping is perfect for you if you find solace in nature. Campfire, tent, cooking with woods all these activities bring lost thrill in our lives. We learn how to survive while not having all sorts of modern facilities. Tent and other tools needed for camping can be found easily online or from the nearest stores.

  • Yoga:

For a harmonious living Yoga can be beneficial to an individual.

Just like meditation if you are looking for a way to be in touch with your mind, body, and soul you can do yoga regularly to get a better outcome. Since ancient times Yoga has proven to be a great way to have a healthy and sound life. If you are interested to learn more about yoga you can learn it from a mentor or self learn it from all the sources available.

  • Learning New Language:

Learning a new language is another free time activity one can easily consider. Learning a new language can always prove to be helpful in our life whenever we travel.

So in your free time, you can always try out learning new things like learning a new language with different apps like Duolingo and there are also some relevant YouTube Channels that can help you to learn a new language.

Final Words

These are some free time activities ideas to begin with for an individual we can prove to be very useful in the betterment of our life. As it is being said earlier work-life balance can be very crucial in our life but it is everything on which everything depends. For having a fulfilling and successful life doing something that we love is essential as it makes our mind fresh and provides energy to our soul to start another day with full of enthusiasm. Beginners can easily choose these activities to occupy themselves in their free time as these activities will be extremely helpful to them in so many ways.

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