how to pack beach chairs for airplane

How to Pack Beach Chairs for Airplane

Getting to the beach can be quite a hassle, but getting your beach chairs to the beach can be even more difficult. You could potentially take your heavy beach chairs on the plane with you, but then you run the risk of misplacing or damaging them during transit.

Another option is to pack up and haul your chairs in your car with you. But this can be even more of a hassle, especially if you’re traveling by plane as well and want to keep your luggage light and manageable. So, how to pack beach chairs for airplanes?

You would get to know about this by having a read of this blog.

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What is a beach chair?

A beach chair is a comfortable seat that is used on a beach. There are different types of beach chairs available in the market such as sling chairs, folding beach chairs, etc. 

They can be made from plastic or wood or even cane. Some of them have cushions and some don’t have any cushions at all. 

These days, most people prefer to carry their own equipment with them when they go out for a picnic or outing, instead of renting it from outside. It definitely saves money and one can choose according to his taste and budget as well.

This makes carrying beach chairs very important. 

So, how should you pack your beach chair? Let us find out.

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Types of beach chair

First of all, there are many types of beach chairs, with each type having its own distinct purpose. 

For example, some beach chairs are built for one person only, while others can fit an entire family comfortably. You might even find foldable versions or heavy-duty models that are constructed from high-quality materials to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. 

However, these features come at a price, so you’ll need to decide what is more significant when it comes time to make your purchase. 

Once you have decided on which type of chair will best suit your needs, then it’s time to consider color options and additional accessories like canopy tops or cup holders. 

With so many options available on today’s market, finding just the right combination shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, if you want to simplify things further, then you should think about purchasing a chair that has already been assembled since some models do not include any tools whatsoever. 

This means you won’t have to worry about making mistakes during assembly or potentially damaging your chair during transit. When it comes down to it, there really isn’t a wrong way to go when choosing between beach chairs, but you will want to spend some time researching various products before settling on something in particular. 

The key here is, knowing exactly what you are looking for before going shopping because otherwise, chances are good that you could end up spending money on something that doesn’t meet your expectations.

These are some types of beach chairs.

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Canopy chairs 

These chairs come in multiple forms. Yet, you can differentiate this chair as they are being sold on a set. On top of that, to save you from getting tanned unintentionally, an umbrella will be provided along with the chair. You will find the umbrella attached with some chair models. 

But you can always get to disjoint different parts and thus, it becomes significantly portable to the users.

Backpack beach chairs 

These types of beach chairs are more known for their lightweight characteristics. So it is more convenient to bring with you during travel. They do not come with any type of padding. But you will find a large selection of aftermarket cushions.

The height is significantly lower than the ground. So, these chairs are pretty good for short-time beach seating. Eventually, you will feel comfortable while seating in this chair.

Folding chair

This chair is not complex and is probably the most available one around the market. This chair is very lightweight and most of the time this chair is built of aluminum. 

There are folding plastic or wooden beach chair available as well. The seat height is normally of mid-range around 9-12 inches.

These are very basic chairs, so not recommended for carrying on your checked luggage as the adjustment will be really difficult.

Lounge chair

These beach chairs have low height so remain very closer to the ground. Most of these are not padded, and only the ones with more pricing will have those. By having this, you can get tanned while resting flat on the beach. This chair is very much adjustable to comply with your need for sure.

Hammock chair

As you know, you can not consider a hammock as a chair. But having a hammock is really common at the beach. You can have them for sitting purposes as well.

However, beach hammocks are portable, unlike the other common types of hammocks. You can set this type of hammock chair anywhere.

Sand chair

These chairs are a lot like the beach loungers, but they come with a more attractive curved form. Though they look really cool, these are not ideal for people having back and leg problem.

To some extent, you will be able to adjust it according to your need. You may find these more stable on the surface of the sand compared to the other lounge chair alternatives.

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Things to consider before packaging 

Some airline staff may be confused about how best to accommodate these bulky items. Packing your beach chairs correctly, so they aren’t damaged in transit, is important.

In addition, proper packaging will ensure you don’t arrive at your destination with sand all over your car. 

A quick Google search should help clarify any doubts about whether a specific item can be packed in checked luggage. 

Most airlines have detailed information about carry-on and checked baggage rules online, which makes it easier than ever to figure out what you can bring aboard.

Airlines also post lists of prohibited items on their websites—be sure to check them before packing your bags.

The best way to avoid problems with airline staff is to make sure your beach chairs are packaged correctly. The FAA has strict guidelines on how much weight passengers can carry onboard an airplane, so make sure your chairs don’t exceed these limits. 

If they do, there’s a good chance they won’t allow you to take them on board.

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Pros and cons of beach chairs

Regardless of their usefulness, beach chairs are a lot easier to transport than folding lounge chairs or metal chairs. 

They take up a fraction of the space and, because of their design. You don’t have to worry about bending or warping them when packing. 

On top of that, beach chairs are quite light and easy to handle. Their size makes them ideal for air travel. 

They’re not heavy enough to weigh down your luggage if you decide to check it at the airport. It’s also worth noting that some airlines will charge extra fees if your carry-on bags are too large, so bringing along smaller items like beach chairs is one way to avoid those charges. 

This convenience comes with a price, though. 

Because they’re designed to be compact and lightweight, beach chairs tend to be flimsier than other types of outdoor furniture. 

The legs are usually made from thin wire rather than solid wood or metal, making them prone to breaking if you set them on uneven ground or drop something heavy on top of them). 

And while many beach chairs fold up into portable packages, there’s still a good chance you could damage them during transit. 

Finally, keep in mind that most brands sell different styles of beach chairs. Some have thick padding and wide armrests, others are slimmer and more minimalist. 

Some have lots of pockets for storing personal items; others don’t even come with pockets. 

When choosing a chair, think about what features you need most: 

Do you want armrests? 

A cup holder? 

What kind of surface will you be using it on? 

How often will you be taking it outdoors? 

These questions should help narrow down your options.

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Several steps for perfectly packing beach chairs for airplane

Although having plenty of room on an airplane to store beach chairs is important, many people fail to think about how they are going to secure them once they get there. 

To avoid being unprepared for your trip, take some time now to learn how you can effectively pack beach chairs for air travel and be sure that everything goes smoothly once you reach your destination. Follow these simple steps to ensure a safe journey!

Step 1: Choose your chair

While there are many things you’ll need to pack, beach chairs aren’t one of them. 

That’s because it is typically recommended that you take your own, rather than count on finding a chair at your destination. 

There are plenty of questions to consider as well as options, it may even be worth buying two chairs, so everyone can have their own! 

As always, keep in mind that some airlines offer free beach-chair rentals on select flights. It’s worth checking whether yours does too! You might save yourself both time and money by doing so. 

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Step 2: Measure your bag

The first thing you should do when preparing for a trip with your beach chair is to measure your bag. 

You will need to know how much space it has in order to determine whether it will fit both your chair and other belongings comfortably. You can use a measuring tape or ruler in order to find out exactly how much space you have available within your bag. 

If you don’t already own one, consider purchasing a new one before traveling so that you can make sure it fits all of your needs. 

Step 3: Pack pillows around legs

If your bag does not provide enough space for both your beach chair and other items, consider packing pillows around its legs in order to create more room. 

This will help keep things from shifting during travel, while also protecting them from damage due to friction. 

Additionally, placing cushions underneath your chair will help keep it stable while you transport it and prevent damage to any objects beneath it. 

Be sure to place thick pillows around its feet rather than thin ones, as these offer better protection against bumps and scrapes. 

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Step 4: Tape up the corners

As I mentioned, your chair will be traveling in an upright position. So before you start, you need to tape up each of your 4 corners. 

You’ll want to take strips of masking tape and wrap them around all 4 sides, at least 1/2 inch from each corner. 

This is going to make sure that when you place it into your suitcase, it won’t rub against any clothes or other items in there and scratch them up. If you have some packing tape lying around, even better! 

It works just as well if not better than masking tape. And since it has adhesive on both sides, you can use less of it. 

Make sure you don’t cover up any of your handles with tape, though. They should still stick out, so you can carry it with ease once you get to your destination. 

If you find yourself running low on tape or getting close to wrapping up your last piece, grab another piece and just put a small bit over one side of it. 

This way you can use one long piece for more surface area rather than two shorter pieces. The goal here is to avoid leaving gaps where sand could seep through later on during travel.

Step 5: Secure them with plastic tape

In order to ensure that your chair is safely secured in your bag, you should use plastic tape or packing tape and tape each of your legs tightly. 

This will ensure that there is no shifting of materials during travel and will protect your goods from other items within your bag. 

When you have taped a single leg, do not remove it until you have finished taping all four legs together. 

Then, remove one leg and replace it with another after making sure both are properly taped up as well. 

Repeat until all four legs are securely placed back into their original positions. You can then place them into your bag and close it. 

After doing so, you should check to make sure that everything is still in place by opening your bag and checking its contents. 

If anything seems out of place, repeat steps 2-4 again before closing your bag completely. Now you’re ready to board! Enjoy your trip!

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Step 6: Place them in one checked luggage

Place your beach chairs on top of your clothing, such as shorts and t-shirts. 

Put a bit of cushioning between each chair, just in case one break during travel. Place it in an easy-to-reach area, so that you can find it quickly at the airport. 

Make sure to place them tightly together, but not too tight that they might break if someone tries to take them out. Also, make sure all straps are tied up securely. 

You’ll want to use packing tape to make sure they don’t move around while you’re traveling. Lastly, write down any identifying information on your luggage so that TSA agents can easily identify what belongs to you when it comes time for screening. 

This will help reduce any delays or hassles with airport security personnel. You never know when an extra 10 minutes could mean missing your flight! 

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Step 7: Get to know about checked baggage policies for beach chair

Most airlines require that you use a hard-sided, rectangular (or similarly shaped) case. 

Checked bags must fit in overhead bins or under your seat on an airplane and be no larger than 62 linear inches (length + width + height). 

This means that your case can’t be more than about 24 inches long or 16 inches wide or tall. 

You also have to pay extra for checked baggage, so if you can avoid it, that’s best. 

If you are checking a bag, take advantage of any free check bag promotions offered by your airline. 

These typically include one free checked bag per passenger ticketed for travel within North America. 

If you want to bring two bags on board with you, try using smaller duffel bags rather than one large suitcase. You may be able to get away with two small duffels instead of one large piece of luggage when flying within North America. 

When possible, pack light! 

The less stuff you bring with you on vacation, the easier it will be to transport from place to place without having to worry about excess baggage fees. 

Plus, there’s something magical about feeling like you’re always packing up and going somewhere when you travel lightly. 

Finally, choose durable over stylish! It makes sense to protect something as precious as your time off with quality items that won’t break down easily after just a few uses. 

That way, if anything does happen to go wrong while traveling, like punctures or tears or other damage due to rough handling, your chair won’t fall apart before you even make it to the beach.

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Step 8: Label it and place it at bottom of the luggage stack

It’s tempting to just throw everything into your suitcase, but that can make it difficult to organize once you get there. 

Label each of your pieces of luggage, so you know where everything is as soon as you get there. 

If it’s all in different colors and sizes, you won’t be able to easily tell which one has which things in it. Place all small items into resealable plastic bags before putting them into their respective suitcases, making sure they are protected from sand and water. 

A good rule of thumb is to put any food or liquid-based products into a bag. You don’t want anything leaking during transit! 

Also, keep an eye on your weight limit; some airlines have strict weight limits for checked baggage. Make sure you check these limits before packing! 

Some airlines allow two checked bags per person; if yours does not, make sure you pack light enough so that you only need one checked bag. 

When labeling your bags, use a permanent marker and write clearly on both sides of the luggage tag.

What if your beach chair weight is above the airline requirements?

Don’t worry – it happens to everyone! Simply contact customer service, and they will put a note on your reservation, allowing you to bring it with you. 

As long as you meet other requirements such as connecting times, gate locations, and baggage weight limits, you shouldn’t have any problems getting through airport security with your beach chair. 

But if you do end up paying extra or having to check your chairs, just remember, It’s only temporary! 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many beach chairs should I bring? 

It depends on how many people will be coming with you, but most airlines allow two bags per person. If there are three or more people going with you, one bag per person is recommended. 

What kind of beach chair should I bring? 

There are many types of beach chairs available today; however, each type has its own pros and cons. You can pick the chair considering your requirement, 

Where should I store my beach chairs during my flight? 

Once you get to the airport, check your airline’s website for information regarding storage policies. And follow that accordingly.

Should I pay extra for priority boarding? 

If you plan on bringing multiple beach chairs with you on board, paying extra for priority boarding might be worth it!

Wrapping things up

The beach chair is an important item to pack when heading off on a summer vacation. Even if you’re planning on staying GCI Outdoor your hotel during your trip, there are occasions when you might have to go out of town. So make sure you include a beach chair in your luggage. When it comes time to pack, I am sure by now you know how to pack beach chairs for airplane. 

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