how to clean baby bottles on plane

How to Clean Baby Bottles On Plane Without Losing Your Mind

If you’re a parent who often travels, you know how difficult it can be to keep your baby’s bottles clean and sanitary while on a plane. You may be wondering how to clean baby bottles on plane without losing your mind. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively and efficiently clean baby bottles while traveling by air.

Do it before you board

It’s always a good idea to clean your baby’s bottles before you board a plane. 

It can be difficult to clean the bottles on a plane, and the space may be limited. Doing it before you board can save you from some stress and make sure that the bottles are clean and ready to go. 

Before you board, make sure you have all the supplies you need to properly clean the bottles. A good bottle brush is key, as well as some hot water and soap. If you want an extra measure of sanitation, you can also bring along some alcohol wipes. 

You don’t want to be washing your baby’s bottles at a sink in the middle of a busy airport! Take a few minutes before you board and give the bottles a good scrubbing. 

This will make sure that the bottles are properly cleaned, and will also give you one less thing to worry about when you are on the plane.

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Use hot water and soap

When it comes to cleaning baby bottles on a plane, one of the most important steps is to make sure that you are using hot water and soap. 

Hot water is significant because it helps kill any germs or bacteria that may be on the bottle. You can use mild dish soap or a special bottle-cleaning solution if you have it. 

Make sure to rinse the bottles with hot water to ensure all the soap has been removed. 

Once you have washed them, make sure to rinse them thoroughly with cold water to make sure there are no traces of soap left in the bottles.

Don’t forget the bottle brush

When it comes to cleaning baby bottles on a plane, using a bottle brush is essential. 

A bottle brush is specifically designed to fit inside and clean the bottle without scratching the plastic. 

Bottle brushes come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you get one that fits your bottle size. 

Make sure to use the brush to scrub away all the milk, formula, or juice residue from inside the bottle and on the nipple. 

This will help ensure that your baby’s bottle is spotless and free from bacteria or mold. After you’re done scrubbing, rinse the brush-off before re-using it.

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Rinse well

Once you have washed your baby bottle with hot water and soap, it is important to rinse it well. 

This will help to ensure that all the soap has been removed from the bottle and that there are no suds left behind.

Fill the bottle with cold, clean water and shake it vigorously. Empty the water and fill it up again. Shake it once more and then pour out the water. Repeat this process a few times until all the soap has been rinsed off. 

Finally, run your finger around the inside of the bottle and make sure there is no soapy residue remaining. 

If you still feel any residue, repeat the rinsing process until everything has been removed. 

Once the bottle is completely rinsed, use a clean towel or paper towel to dry off the outside of the bottle. Then place the lid back on and let it air dry before you board your plane.

Let air dry

Once your baby bottles have been washed with hot water and soap, and are rinsed off, it is important to make sure that you let them air dry. 

This helps to prevent bacteria from growing. To let the bottles air dry while on the plane, remove all the parts of the bottle and lay them flat on a napkin or paper towel. 

Place them in the seat pocket in front of you, or an empty seat if one is available. 

If possible, keep the window shade open so that some of the plane’s circulating air can help dry them. 

You should also make sure that you wipe down each part of the bottle with a clean cloth before reassembling it. 

It’s best to use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth like microfiber. 

Do not use any products like cleaners or sanitizers as this could harm your baby. 

Once the parts are wiped down and dried, carefully put them back together and secure them tightly.

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The zip-top bag method

If you’re traveling with a baby and don’t have access to a sink or soap to clean their bottles, there’s an easy method you can use. 

All you need is a zip-top bag, hot water, and a bottle brush.

To begin, fill the zip-top bag with hot water and place the bottle in it. You can also add some dish soap or a few drops of bleach if you like. 

Then seal the bag, making sure no water escapes, and shake it around vigorously. This will help get rid of any dirt, grime, and bacteria inside the bottle. 

Next, take out the bottle and use the bottle brush to give it an excellent scrubbing. 

Once you’ve scrubbed away all the residue, rinse the bottle with some more hot water. Make sure to rinse it out completely until all soap and bleach are gone. 

Finally, leave the bottle open to air dry before you place it back in the diaper bag or your carry-on. 

The zip-top bag method is an effective way to quickly clean baby bottles on a plane without having access to a sink or soap.

The never-fail method

When it comes to cleaning baby bottles on a plane, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly and efficiently. 

One of the best methods to ensure that your bottles are properly cleaned is the never-fail method. This method involves preparing your bottles before you board the plane


Begin by pre-washing your baby bottles in hot soapy water. This will help remove any lingering residue from the bottle. 

Next, boil a pot of water and add it to a large bowl or container. Then, add a drop or two of a disinfectant solution to the boiling water and mix it in with a spoon. 

Carefully submerge each bottle in the boiling water for at least five minutes. 

Be sure to rotate the bottles during this process to ensure that all surfaces are exposed to the disinfectant solution. 

After five minutes, use tongs to remove the bottles from the water and place them in an area that is free of germs, such as your carry-on bag. 

Once you have reached your destination, simply rinse the bottles with hot water before using them. 

This will help to remove any residual disinfectant solution from the bottles. 

It’s important to note that this method should be used with caution and only when necessary. 

It’s always best to wash your baby bottles with regular soap and hot water before using them for feeding. 

Using the never-fail method for cleaning baby bottles on a plane can help keep your little one safe and healthy while traveling. 

By taking the time to properly clean your baby bottles before boarding the plane, you can ensure that they are free of any bacteria or germs that can cause harm.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I prevent my baby bottles from spilling on a plane?

Be sure to tightly seal the lid of your bottle and store it in a bag or container that won’t open up during turbulence. You may also want to consider using a travel bottle warmer to keep the formula or milk at a safe temperature.

What kind of soap should I use to clean my baby bottles?

It is best to use a mild, non-toxic soap specifically designed for cleaning baby bottles and nipples. Avoid soaps that contain fragrances, dyes, and other harsh ingredients.

How can I make sure the bottles are completely dry before I put them away?

You can turn the bottles upside down over a drying rack or kitchen towel, or use a bottle brush to remove any excess water from the inside of the bottle. You may also want to consider investing in a bottle drying tree, which provides an efficient way to air-dry bottles.

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Wrapping up

After reading this blog, I am pretty sure now you have some idea on how to clean baby bottles on plane. Cleaning baby bottles on a plane is no easy feat, but with a few key tips, you can make it as stress-free as possible. The most important thing to remember is to do it before you board the plane, so you don’t have to worry about trying to juggle a squirming baby and a bottle while mid-air. Be sure to use hot water and soap, and always rinse well. 

Two methods work especially well for traveling: the zip-top bag method and the never-fail method. With a bit of practice, you should be able to master both of these methods, so your baby will always have a clean bottle during your travels. 

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