can you take hotel towels to the beach

Can You Take Hotel Towels to the Beach?

You’re on vacation, and you want to take some of your hotel towels to the beach to help keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. There the question comes, can you take hotel towels to the beach? 

The answer depends on the type of towel and whether it was given to you by the hotel or if it was already in your room when you checked in. For example, the hotel may have given you bath sheets that are intended solely for use in the bathroom, so they might not be appropriate at the beach or poolside area of a resort property.

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Are they actually yours?

Most hotel guests know that taking towels from a hotel is, well, wrong. 

Most hotels have signs around their pools and beach areas detailing proper etiquette, for instance, no towels on chairs. Yet, stealing towels is uncontrolled. 

How much do hotels charge for missing towels after checkout? In many cases, quite a bit. What happens if you take towels from a hotel or resort? Most establishments will find out pretty quickly and bill you for these items, even if it’s an accident. Hotels often give extras upon request, but they also might not. 

Can you consider taking hotel towels to the beach?

Yes, you can take hotel towels to the beach if you find it convenient for you. But it is always better to ask the hotel stuff if you are allowed to do so. 

It is very unlikely that you may not be able to do that. 

However, some guests always prefer to bring their own beach towels, as they are bigger sized and more hygienic. On the top of that if you somehow lose the towel then there will be chance of getting charged extra for it.

Many hotels offer towels with a resort fee, in addition to daily and weekly room rates. When you check into your hotel, you are typically informed of all associated fees. If you find yourself without any towels upon arrival or if they have mysteriously disappeared while you’re away from your room, it might be worth asking for more, as long as they aren’t charging extra for them. 

But keep in mind that some hotels may charge an additional fee for extras. If there is no charge, just ask!

What should you do if your hotel charges for missing towels? 

If your hotel does charge for missing towels, do not take them out. 

Also, avoid leaving a note telling management that you took all of their towels with you because there may be additional fees associated with doing so. In these cases, try asking for more towels before you head out on an adventure in an attempt to avoid being charged later on.

Tips for taking your hotel towels to the beach

As a hotel guest, there are probably several items that you bring with you on your trip. Unless you have some pretty high-end accommodations, though, towels may not be one of them. Because of that, many hotels offer towels for their guests, it can be tempting to think about taking them with you when you head down to the beach or pool in your resort’s backyard. 

Before you do that, though, there are a few things worth considering first. 

First off, unless you pay for a luxury suite or stay at an all-inclusive resort where tipping is included in your bill, do hotels know if you take towels from them? If they do know and don’t mind, which is often the case, then that might mean extra cash for you. 

But if they don’t know, then how will they react when they find out later? Do they keep track of which room numbers were missing a towel? Will they charge you for it?  And how much would they charge you? These are questions that you should ask before deciding whether to pack up those towels. 

And while we’re talking about money, what happens if someone steals your towel while you’re gone? Or what happens if someone damages it somehow? What kind of assistance do you have then? 

The bottom line is that If a hotel offers free towels for its guests, chances are good that it has policies in place regarding how those towels should be used.

How to get extra towels at a hotel?

Hotels often give extras upon request, but they also might not. 

The best way to ensure your poolside needs are met, is by asking at check-in how many towels are allotted per room, then requesting additional sets based on your party size. 

If you don’t ask, however, you won’t receive. And don’t forget about those shampoos and lotions! Many times, hotels leave samples of products behind in each bathroom, take advantage of them! 

It may seem silly to bring up something so obvious as stealing towels from a hotel. But what happens if you take towels from a hotel or resort? If caught with stolen goods, you could be charged with theft or even trespassing.

What are you going to do with them at the beach?

Now that you know you can take them, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do with them. Taking these items from hotels might result in some heavy fines if caught, so be sure to use discretion when doing so. 

Use your towels for shade and privacy while at the beach, or take them back to your hotel room for post-beach cleaning! Just don’t plan on getting any extras when you check out. That would just be rude. 

Hotels have many policies regarding their towels. Some hotels will charge a fee for each towel taken, others may not have a policy at all, and still others may offer complimentary hand towels and no more as part of their overall guest experience package. 

It’s best to call ahead before planning your towel heist. And remember, stealing is bad.

Is it socially acceptable?

Some hotels allow you to take towels and robes to the beach, while others charge guests who are caught doing so. If you don’t want a hefty hotel bill, it’s best not to risk stealing hotel towels. 

Whether it’s socially acceptable to take your hotel towels with you really depends on where you’re staying. At some hotels, taking your own towel with you is fine and nobody will mind at all , but that isn’t true of every place of accommodation.

There are plenty of places where guests have been charged for bringing their own towels with them or even banned from re-entering after going out onto their balcony in just a bathrobe!

While you can’t be 100% sure what will happen if you decide to take your own towels with you, there are a few signs that indicate whether it’s acceptable. If your hotel has a pool, they likely won’t mind if you take one towel, but if they have a beach, then that might make things more difficult. 

Also, if you see other guests bringing their own towels out of their rooms and onto their balconies without being charged extra, then that’s probably a good sign too.

You may also want to check in advance how much they charge for additional towels because some hotels do actually charge for them. So you don’t get stuck paying hundreds of dollars for something as simple as taking your own towel down to the beach!

Did anyone ask permission?

It’s generally considered poor form to just take hotel towels with you when you leave. There are two reasons for that. 

First, you’re stealing property that doesn’t belong to you. 

Second, do hotels even charge for towels? If they do, it could be construed as theft of services. 

But how much do hotels charge for towels? The answer is usually somewhere between $1 and $3 per towel. 

Do hotels know if you take towels? That depends on whether they have a system in place to track who checked out and who took what. If they don’t, then it might be pretty hard to prove someone took them without permission.

Do they cost anything extra?

Many beach-goers think they’re stealing hotel towels when they take them down to their spot on shore, but most hotels don’t charge for towels. 

If a towel ends up missing, it’s typically because guests have left without returning it. Many hotels will ask for an explanation if their numbers are low. It’s worth asking if you do end up taking a few extras, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

However, there is one exception, most five-star resorts do charge extra for their luxury linens.

So if you want to avoid paying out of pocket, stick with your standard hotel room amenities, they’ll likely be more than enough!

Were they used at all during your stay?

This is going to be up to you. 

But generally speaking, if they look clean and not extremely worn out, then you should be fine taking them. If there’s any doubt whether they’ve been used prior to your stay, then leave them for housekeeping and ask for a new set. 

That way, you know for sure that they’re clean and ready for use. It also doesn’t hurt to check with hotel staff about their policies on towels, so you can have a better idea of what will work best for you.

Worry about debris, not germs

Since hotel towels are shared among many guests, they can be packed with bacteria. But unless you’re eating off your towel, there’s no need to worry about nasty germs that may or may not be lurking on them. 

So if you want a fun and colorful beach towel that doesn’t break your budget, then consider grabbing one from your hotel room. 

Most hotels charge just $2-3 per towel, so even if you use two or three during your trip, it’ll only cost you $6-9 total. And while you might think that using these towels is a risk because they could have bedbugs in them, then don’t be worried! The CDC says there has never been an instance of bedbugs being spread through hotel linens.

Are these bacteria bad for your health?

According to a recent report, some beach goers are bringing home less sand and more bacteria after their trips than they’d like. 

The report claimed that many hotels do not wash their towels enough. If you go on vacation or stay at a hotel, make sure that you use your own towels and ask how often they wash their linens. This may help keep you healthy while on vacation. 

If you have any concerns about hygiene, contact a professional. Also consider carrying hand sanitizer with you while traveling. It can be used as an alternative if there is no soap available in public restrooms.

How long do microbes survive in water?

Microbes are present in all bodies of water, even those we assume are clean and pure. The next time you go to swim in a public pool or jump into a natural body of water, consider that you may be swimming around with microbes. 

How long do these microbes survive in water and how can you prevent them from making your body sick? Here’s what you need to know about how long microbes live in water. 

Since microbes are everywhere, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they show up on towels as well. But how long do they live on towels and other fabrics before washing removes them completely? 

According to studies published by researchers at Arizona State University (ASU), microbial contamination like bacteria appears within minutes of coming into contact with surfaces, and that contamination lasts for longer than you might think. 

However, there is some good news. 

The study also found that laundering your towel will destroy any lingering germs. Researchers found that after just one wash in hot water and detergent, 99 percent of microbes were destroyed. 

That said, if you have a particularly dirty towel or one used for dirty jobs, such as cleaning windows or changing diapers, you may want to wash it twice before using it again. Doing so will help ensure your towel is clean and safe from germs.

Is there anything you should be wary of when going to the beach with used hotel towels?

The short answer is no, but you should still be careful. 

Your hotel may give you fresh towels or have places where you can exchange your used ones for clean ones before leaving. 

That’s not always common, however. 

If that’s not an option, just make sure you wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat. If they smell like mildew after a day at the beach, it might be worth getting rid of them. 

Even if you do wash them well, though, don’t let other people use them unless you know their hygiene habits are good. Don’t let kids use old towels either because they tend to get sick more often than adults.

How to wash used hotel towels after a trip to the beach?

If you’re staying at a hotel and planning on visiting nearby beaches, you might have wondered whether it’s possible to take your hotel towels with you. 

They’re probably not your favorite set of colorful towels, unless that was part of your grand plan for them, in which case good for you. But they could still come in handy when getting cleaned up after fun in the sun. 

The question is, can you really do that without being charged extra or even getting kicked out of your room? And if so, how should you wash them afterward? Here are some tips for washing used hotel towels from beach trips.

For starters, make sure to follow any policies your hotel may have about taking towels from its property. 

Some establishments will charge guests who don’t bring their own, so don’t expect management to turn a blind eye if you try sneaking off with something other than what you came with. 

On top of that, some hotels require that you return used towels before checking out; others allow it as long as they get them back by a certain time or date. It never hurts to check first, especially since it could save you from getting charged for lost or damaged items later on. 

How to wash and dry used hotel towels: If you do decide to take your old or new set of towels along for a beach trip, there are several ways you can go about washing them afterward. 

If possible, find out whether there’s an area where laundry can be done at your hotel and if not, see whether there are any laundromats nearby. 

Thinking about how to fold the towel once you got it washed? Then the following video can help you regard this for sure.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it OK to take towels from hotels?

First, keep in mind that taking towels from hotels is not a major security concern. While they do present an opportunity for bacteria or other contaminants, towels tend to be less of a hygiene risk than cups and glasses that are often used by hundreds of people.  Second, there’s no law against it. It’s perfectly legal to take hotel towels home with you after your stay. However, you should always ask first before removing anything from a hotel room.

Should I bring a beach towel on vacation?

Sure, a hotel towel could be enough, after all, it’s your towel on vacation. But if you want to make sure you always have a dry spot and that there’s no chance of accidentally bringing home any unwanted germs or bacteria, go ahead and pack your own.

What do you do with hotel towels?

As with anything else you’ve packed for your trip, hang your hotel towels in a designated spot in your room or closet until it’s time to use them. It can also be helpful to store them somewhere they can air out between uses, like hanging on a clothesline while you’re in and out of the water at the beach.

Where should I leave my hotel towels?

Whether you bring your own or use towels provided by a hotel, there are a few things you can do to keep them in good condition. Never leave them in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This can fade colors and dry out fabric over time. 

What is the most stolen item from hotels?

Unfortunately, towels from hotels tend to be one of the most commonly stolen items. However, it’s not necessarily because people want them for their homes, it’s because hotel towels are so easy to steal without being noticed.

How do you pack a beach towel?

For an average sized beach towel, you’ll want to roll it up tightly. If it’s particularly large or bulky, fold it in half before rolling.  This will make it easier to pack and keep things organized when you unpack your luggage at home.

How many times can a hotel towel be washed?

Hotel towels are often used by hundreds of people over a period of several days, which means they could easily pick up germs and bacteria from each person who uses them. To avoid spreading these contaminants around your home after your trip, wash your beach towels as soon as possible after returning from vacation.

What kind of bag should I take to the beach?

A beach bag is a versatile item that can be used in a variety of different situations, including when you’re traveling to and from your destination. To pack for an upcoming trip, choose a bag that’s small enough to fit in your luggage but big enough to hold everything you need on vacation.

Do I need to bring beach towels to an all inclusive resort?

Most all inclusive resorts will provide you with towels for your stay, though you may want to bring extras for your own use. If you plan on lounging around outside by a pool or at a beach, it’s nice to have your own towel that isn’t being used by hundreds of other people.

Wrapping things up

So, can you take hotel towels to the beach? The answer is yes, you can take your hotel towels to the beach. 

However, some hotels charge extra for towels and will likely charge a fee if you use them on the property as opposed to using their towels. If you plan on swimming with your hotel towel, it’s also a good idea to have a bag for it in case it ends up getting sandy.  While most hotels don’t mind if you take your towels from home, they may not want guests taking them off of their property.

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