bringing your own sheets to a hotel

Why You Should Always Consider Bringing Your Own Sheets to a Hotel

If you travel frequently, you’ve likely run into issues with hotel sheets. No matter how clean the hotel may seem, there’s always the possibility that they were not properly cleaned, which can lead to severe allergic reactions and skin rashes. 

If you love to travel but worry about the cleanliness of hotel sheets, this blog post will explain why it’s important to consider bringing your own sheets to a hotel on your next trip.

People spend more time in their beds than anywhere else

It’s an investment in your health and happiness. 

No matter how much money you put into a hotel, there’s no way it can be as comfortable as your home. 

Which is why, every time I travel for work or vacation, I bring my sheets and pillows with me, even if they don’t explicitly ask me, which they never do, to be honest. 

With that in mind, you will get to know some tips on what kind of materials make up great bedding and why you should always consider to bring your own sheets to a hotel. I hope you enjoy!

Choose high quality sheet sets. When it comes to bedding, it’s all about quality. 

While you can’t really tell from just looking at them, most sheet sets are made from a variety of materials and many include a blend of materials. Some of which may not be that great for your health or comfort. 

The best way to know what material is in any given set is to look at their care label and see what they recommend washing them in.

The importance of high-quality sheets

Although some hotels may offer high-quality linens, many do not. 

Additionally, some guests like to bring their favorite set of sheets with them on trips as a way of helping them feel more at home when they travel. 

If you find yourself in either of these categories, it’s worth buying and packing high-quality bedding from home. 

You can purchase inexpensive but durable sheets that will hold up over multiple uses and washes.

In general, I recommend taking one fitted sheet you can use two if you want. one flat sheet or two for larger beds, four pillowcases two for each pillow, and one blanket cover, if you prefer using blankets instead of comforters. You’ll also need a travel-size bottle of laundry detergent and a small bottle of stain remover.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fancy bedding. In fact, there are many brands that offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Why is comfort important?

When staying in a hotel, comfort can sometimes be compromised. 

It’s easy to overlook, especially when we’re typically only sleeping at night and not spending much time in our rooms during daylight hours. 

However, it is still essential to be comfortable while on business trips or vacations. 

This is why it’s always worth considering to bring your own sheets to a hotel. After all, there are many reasons why comfort matters. For example: How you sleep directly affects how well you work. 

We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep; therefore, what happens while we sleep is just as significant as what happens when we’re awake. 

Therefore, if you find yourself unable to get a good night’s rest because of uncomfortable bedding you could end up working less efficiently throughout your day than usual. 

You deserve to sleep well! 

Additionally, according to a study published in The Lancet Neurology, people who suffer from insomnia are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease later in life. 

That alone should make everyone reconsider their sleeping arrangements before making reservations for that next trip! It is crucial, especially if you travel frequently.

What are the pros and cons of bringing bedding to a hotel?

The pros are that you will have clean and fresh bedding. 

The cons are that it can be expensive if not free at certain hotels and only certain types of bedding, such as fitted sheets, will fit some beds. 

However, bringing your own is often worth it for most people on vacation. 

For example, if you’re traveling with someone else or even just yourself, then having one less thing to worry about when staying in a hotel room is nice. 

In hotels, laundry services aren’t always reliable, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll get done in time before checkout. And even if they do, then they might be washed with other items, so there’s no guarantee that they won’t get ruined by bleach or other chemicals during washing. 

It also means that you don’t have to use whatever sheets were provided by the hotel. If those are stained or dirty, then you run into issues. 

Finally, sometimes hotels don’t provide enough bedding for all guests which could mean an uncomfortable night sleeping without blankets or pillows. 

Bringing your own is a good way to avoid these issues while still saving money over buying new ones every time you stay somewhere new.

Is it worth buying bedding with you every time?

Although some hotels have nicer sheets than most homes, they can get pretty gross by bedtime on day one.

As soon as guests check out, maids typically clean and change every aspect of their bedding, including pillowcases and mattresses, so there’s no telling what’s really crawling around in those beds. 

For peace of mind when staying at budget hotels, bring your own set of clean linens. 

You don’t need to buy expensive Egyptian cotton or anything. 

Bring along an extra blanket too, just in case! You won’t regret it if you end up with something less-than-ideal. It will be much more relaxing knowing you’re sleeping in fresh bedding. 

Plus, if there are two of you traveling together, it will be nice to spread out over two twin beds instead of cramming into one double, and being able to leave your pajamas behind is another plus! 

Most importantly, it’s also better for your wallet: If you do end up needing new bedding during your stay, chances are good that hotels charge per item. 

For example, a king-size sheet costs $15 at my local hotel chain…but each pillowcase costs $5 each! 

In short: Bring your own linens to save money. You might not feel like doing laundry while you’re on vacation, but trust me: It’ll be worth it.

There are a lot of things wrong with standard hotel bedding

It’s hard to clean, can be infested with all sorts of nasty germs, and isn’t very comfortable. But even worse than these common problems are all those tiny things that hotels don’t tell you about. 

Some hotels use bleached or perforated white cotton bedding, which not only doesn’t feel soft against your skin but also may bleach out after just one wash! 

And let’s not forget about stains, hotel linens are notorious for staining easily. So if you have any accidents on your trip and let’s face it, who hasn’t? there goes your nice set of sheets. 

And finally, if there’s anything I hate more than stiff pillows and scratchy blankets, it has to be paying $10-$20 per night for them! 

Many people prefer to bring their own bedding from home when they travel, especially if they plan on staying in an area for several days. In fact, statistically, one in ten people brings his own bedsheet to the hotel.

This is a great idea for many reasons, not only will you get better sleep by sleeping in comfortingly familiar sheets, but you won’t risk ruining them or exposing yourself to germs during your stay. 

Nobody knows how old they are

Hotel housekeeping staff often have to change out dozens, if not hundreds, of sheets every day. 

It’s almost impossible for them to keep track of just how old each set really is. If you’re concerned about staying healthy, particularly when visiting developing countries. In these places, sanitation and bedbug infestations can be real issues, consider taking your own bedding and linens with you. 

You might even ask your hotel ahead of time if they offer any sort of discount for guests who bring their own linens. Some properties are happy to accommodate such requests in order to save money on laundry costs. 

Just make sure that whatever sheets you bring aren’t gross, either.

Hotels also frequently charge a per-night fee for linens and other amenities like towels, so it may actually be cheaper to pack your own things from home. 

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to take along a few antibacterial wipes, either. They come in handy at hotels more than most people realize!

They can harbor bacteria

Many people never wash their bedding. A survey conducted by Mediabridge Products found that 88 percent of respondents admitted they only clean their linens once every few months. 

Hotel beds are well known for harboring bacteria, especially when it comes to spreading lice, and other harmful microbes and germs. 

By investing in an extra set of bedsheets and pillowcases, you’ll avoid these unwanted side effects completely, and also save money on dry cleaning bills. 

The best part? Most hotels will allow you to use your own sheets if you ask politely. 

Bringing your own will save money in the long run

If you’re used to sleeping on Egyptian cotton, bringing your own will make sure that’s what you get at every hotel. 

Most hotels only stock two or three kinds of pillowcases and four or five different types of pillows. That might be enough for most people, but when you know what type of bedding is best for your back and neck, not having it can mean not sleeping all night. 

Bringing your own also guarantees you won’t end up with scratchy synthetic material against your skin. 

And while some hotels have started offering down comforters as an alternative to their standard duvets, they often charge extra for them. It means paying more than $50 per night in some cases! 

Finally, if you travel often and stay in budget accommodations regularly, buying quality linens once could save hundreds over time. They last longer, too.

Having fresh, clean bedding

There’s nothing worse than getting into bed after an exciting night out and being hit with that overwhelming stench of cigarette smoke, stale booze, or dirty rooms. 

Avoid these potential hazards by opting for fresh linens at every opportunity. 

It’s easy to do, just bring along your own pillowcase and sheet set when traveling! 

Trust me, you’ll appreciate it in the morning. 

Plus, if you’re staying somewhere for more than one night, you can save money on laundry fees by simply doing a load yourself. 

Plus, most hotels have washers and dryers available to guests anyway. 

Doing it for your health and well-being

While many hotels offer high thread-count, high-quality sheets, it’s impossible to guarantee that they haven’t been cleaned with chemicals and disinfectants that could be harmful for your health. 

If you bring your own bedsheets when staying in a hotel, not only will you know exactly what has gone into them, but also whether they are clean! 

Bringing your own bedsheets might seem like an unnecessary step, but think about how much time you spend in a hotel. 

Why risk being exposed to potentially harmful substances? 

Bringing your own sheets is as easy as keeping a set of fresh linens at home; all you have to do is pack them up whenever you go on vacation. 

And if you’re traveling by plane, simply buy some plastic bags and use those instead of a suitcase. It may take up slightly more space in your luggage, but it’ll be worth it once you get back home! 

Plus, packing light is good for everyone involved! 

No one wants to carry around heavy suitcases, so taking less stuff means you’ll end up saving everyone a lot of hassle. And who doesn’t want that?

Protecting yourself from bed bugs

Travelers beware. 

The spread of bed bugs is on the rise, and hotels aren’t safe anymore. In fact, according to an ABC news story, a traveler recently ended up in intensive care after being bitten by bed bugs at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. 

While that may be an extreme case, it underscores how important it is for travelers to take precautions against bed bugs when staying in hotels. 

Here are some tips that you can follow once you find out bed bugs in your hotel room. 

Check with management or staff 

Before unpacking your bags or even before checking into a room check the room with staff of the hotel. 

Bedbugs can hide in suitcases and other belongings, so if there have been reports of infestation, or you see signs of an active infestation such as bites, ask for another room. 

Contact Housekeeping before unpacking

If you do find bedbugs in your room, don’t unpack. 

Instead, contact housekeeping immediately and request another room; keep all your belongings together, so they don’t get lost during transit. 

Look for signs of infestation

When you arrive at your new room, check for any signs of an infestation, including small blood stains on sheets or pillowcases. After that, let housekeeping know right away if you spot anything suspicious.

Non-iron vs. ironed

As I’m sure many of you know, non-iron clothes are wonderful because they don’t need to be ironed. Ironing is painful, stressful and it can take hours depending on how much laundry needs doing. 

That said, if you do decide to bring your own sheets to a hotel, make sure that they’re non-iron as well. 

It will save you time and energy when packing for your trip! 

Most hotels have irons available upon request, but some might not, so double check before you leave home. 

Cotton vs. Synthetic

One of the first questions you’ll have to ask yourself when choosing between cotton and synthetic is, how long will I be sleeping on these sheets? 

If it’s just one night at a hotel, then go ahead and get cheap synthetic. If it’s less of an investment if they only last for one use. 

But if you plan on using them more than once, then it’s worth investing in good-quality cotton. 

Cotton has many benefits over synthetic. It breathes better, so you don’t wake up sweating or feeling clammy, it holds up longer than synthetics meaning fewer trips to wash. 

Perhaps most importantly, there are no chemical off-gassing issues with natural fibers like there are with synthetics. 

A simple way to think about it is that synthetic materials can smell bad after repeated uses, which means those smells could eventually make their way into your sheets. Not ideal!

Finishing Touches

When travelling, it’s important to make sure you have everything ready for that business trip or vacation. 

Besides remembering all of your toiletries and travel documents, it is also extremely important that you don’t forget about bringing along all of your essential linens. 

Making sure that everything is planned out in advance can keep any last-minute stresses at bay.

This way, when traveling for business or pleasure, you will be able to relax knowing everything will be just fine! 

After all, who wants to arrive at their destination with wrinkled clothes and no pillow?

To avoid these issues entirely, I recommend packing your suitcase with both clothing and bedding from home. 

As opposed to using uncomfortable scratchy towels from hotels, our guests like having their own soft linens from home. 

Not only do they feel more comfortable during their stay, but it helps them get a better night’s sleep too! That way, they are well rested for whatever adventure awaits them on their next day in town.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to bring my own linens when staying at a hotel? 

No, but I would recommend it. You never know what kind of bedding you’ll get at a hotel. From scratchy blankets and pillows covered in mysterious stains to creaky spring mattresses and dirty, ripped sheets. They all make for an uncomfortable sleep. So, bring your own set of soft, clean sheets with you on vacation or business trips; they’re easy to pack and won’t take up much space in your suitcase. Plus, they come in handy if you have kids or pets that like to hop into bed with you while you sleep!

What is the most stolen item from hotels?

It is found that a towel is the most stolen item in a hotel.

Wrapping things up

Although most hotels provide plenty of linens, that doesn’t mean they’re completely free of germs. As I mentioned earlier, bedsheets are an ideal medium for mold and dust mites, both are common in hotels, and both can wreak havoc on those with allergies or asthma.

Even if you don’t have any health issues, it might be worth it bringing your own sheets to a hotel; not only will they be clean and thus more comfortable, but they may also save you money! Most hotels charge extra for using their sheets; if you bring your own, there won’t be any surprises at checkout time. The biggest downside is simply having to pack an extra bag when traveling. Still, it could be well worth it. It all depends on how much you value your sleep, and how little you like being surprised by extra charges.

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