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5 Best Lightweight Suitcase for International Travel – Buyer’s Guide

So are you looking for buying a perfect lightweight suitcase for your next not so long vacation or official trip ahead? So this is the right place for you to know about the five best lightweight suitcases for international travel considering all the user-friendly characteristics of those.

Reading through this article will guide you to get the best lightweight carry on luggage for your coming trip.

While buying a suitcase for international travel you must consider its materials, durability, and user-friendliness. It should be lightweight and at the same time, it has to provide enough space for carrying on all your needed pieces of stuff inside of it.

5 Best Lightweight Suitcases for International Travel

So here are our top 5 picks of best lightweight suitcase for international travel considering all those traits which will make your trip much easier and comfortable at the same time;

Merax Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-in TSA Lock Lightweight Suitcase

For international travel, one can easily choose this luggage while considering so many factors. Since so many people opt for hardshell luggage but it hardly comes without any pros and cons. Most of the hardshell luggage comes with materials that are fragile and can not withstand low temperatures and become very brittle. On the Contrary, this PET luggage has a very strong resistance to stress with better recovery. Some may choose hardshell luggage because of its appearances but it can be easily broken when it is checked in at the airport whereas this Merax PET material luggage is opposite of it. This best carry on luggage is a unique innovation as it is not toxic, highly durable along with a great appearance. This luggage is compatible with an extreme range of temperatures.

It is available in different shades of colors such as black, blue, grey, purple and silver. You can choose your preferred color according to your taste.

Product Features

  • Secured Combination Locked:

The pre-set code of the combination lock is 0-0-0. You can set your combination code and keep your belongings safe and away from any intruders.

  •  Multi-directional Silent Spinner Wheels:

Multi-directional silent spinner wheels can rotate easily.

  • Side Handle:

Well-built ergonomic side-handle with cushioned bottom for comfort.

  • Temperature Durability:

It can resist temperatures as low as -4℉, and as high as 158℉.


  1. It contains the TSA lock version for orders after 6/10/2019. Upgraded with built-in TSA lock to meet the important needs for safety.
  2. This luggage is not only eco-friendly but also so strong that it can withstand any sort of stress.
  3. Protective anti-aging feature of built-in UV-radiation protection for long-lasting usage for years to come.
  4. Different colors and sizes are available to comply with the customer’s taste.
  5. Extremely Lightweight.
  6. New user-friendly and durable material.
  7. It has got silent spinner wheels.


  1. Not so suitable for long trips.
  2. Wheels can be found not working sometimes but it is very rare.
  3. TSA combination reset setting can be overwhelming for some.
  4. Some people may find it difficult to pack all kinds of stuff in it.

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS Spinner Built-in TSA Lock Carry on

This is one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel.  As it is being named this luggage is cool to meet up with the need for it. This ultra lightweight luggage is immensely benefitted from its outside material ABS+PC hard plastic shell. It is suitable for any sort of rough handling. It can easily survive any type of insanely severe quality control test standards. The luggage is being sold separately but if you are opting for buying more than one suitcases, the small suitcase can be stored inside the bigger one. Make packing clothes extremely easy for the users. Furthermore, there is two years warranty available from the seller. It is easily movable through quite aeroplane spinner wheels.

Different sizes and colors are available to comply with the customer’s taste.

Product Features

  • Size:

This best lightweight carry on luggage is 28inch which is expandable for up to 15% additional packing capacity; 20inch is perfect carry-on and 24inch is ideal for personal or business trip.

  • Handle: 

It contains a 3-step pure aluminum telescoping handle for comfortable maneuvering.

  • Wheels:

This luggage got four spinner wheels which allow the suitcase to move seamlessly through 360 degrees of motion.

  • Interior:

The interior of this ultra lightweight luggage is fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets which make it easy for packing clothes.

  • Safety:

It has built-In TSA lock and with the TSA lock, you can make sure your valuables are secure and safe from any intruders while traveling.


  1. It can withstand any sorts of rough handling
  2. Extremely lightweight carry on suitcase.
  3. Different colors and sizes are available from which customers can choose according to their taste.
  4. This best carry on luggage comes with 2 years warranty from the seller.
  5. It has got quiet airplane spinner wheels which make it easily movable while international travel.
  6. It has made packing clothes easy for the users with its fully lined interior and multi-use organizational pockets.
  7. It comes at a reasonable price.


  1. The zipper can be problematic at times.
  2. Lock and handle can be malfunctioned but it can be fixed.
  3. On some rare occasions in some of the client’s reviews, the client found the wheel not so good.
  4. It can be unsuitable for a long duration trip.
  5. There can be some scratch issues on the outside.

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AmazonBasics Oxford Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner with TSA Lock

If you are seeking a tension-free short holiday in the coming days this can be within your reach with the AmazonBasics Oxford Luggage Expandable Suitcase. This best size suitcase for 1 week trip (approx.) comes with protected storage space with a spacious, fully-lined interior and multiple zippered pockets for keeping smaller items and valuables. You can easily go for an international trip for a shorter time for this convenient suitcase. Packing clothes, essentials and devises can be done in an organized and secure way with it. It has got some unique features that can easily make it one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel. That is why it is my pick as the best lightweight checked luggage.

Product Features

  • Case:

This lightweight luggage has got a rolling luggage case with a durable scratch-resistant exterior.

  • Suitability:

This ultra lightweight luggage is suitable for air travel, road trips, or business.

  • Interior: 

This luggage has a spacious, fully-lined interior with multiple zipper pockets.

  • Spinner Wheel:

It comes with four 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth and agile mobility.

  • Easy Lifting:

This lightweight suitcase comes with a telescopic trolley with top and side handles for easy lifting.


  1. Suitable for all sorts of traveling.
  2. Spacious Interior.
  3. It can be easily lifted.
  4. Easily movable with four 360- degree spinner wheel.
  5. Very lightweight yet hard-shelled.
  6. Price is very reasonable and good for short trips.
  7. This luggage is made from ABS and PC material with a resilient, subtly-patterned finish for scratch-resistance and reduced abrasion visibility
  8. A recessed lock allows only TSA agents to open and inspect your luggage without damaging the mechanism. 


  1. Not so suitable for long-duration tour.

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AmazonBasics Geometric Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner with Built-In TSA Lock

For a stylish and confident traveler, this amazing lightweight suitcase can be a perfect fit. This luggage is durable, eye-catching and secure with reliable storage with ample packing storage along with multiple compartments. For any sort of traveling purpose, it serves quite well to the users as it is a very convenient choice for them.  Packing clothing, all necessities, and different devices can be neatly and easily kept in this luggage in an organized way. It has easily multi-directional moveability with handy 360-degree spinner wheels that pivot effortlessly at the user’s command. This AmazonBasics luggage also includes adjustable telescopic handles with molded grips for ease of use, on the go. These features are easily making it one of my picks for one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions:

20.7 x 12.4 x 31.3 inches.

  • Import:

This product is being imported.

  • Exterior:

The lightweight luggage comes with 2-piece rolling luggage set with the hard-shell exterior.

  • Security:

It has a TSA lock for security.

  • Handles:

The luggage has adjustable telescoping handles with molded grips.

  • Mobility:

It comes with 360-degree spinner wheels.


  1. This luggage has a hard-shell exterior which makes it durable and eye-catching.
  2. This luggage has a fashionable geometric exterior pattern that will make your luggage unique from the rest.
  3. Pretty much lightweight comparatively.
  4. Secured TSA lock.
  5. It provides excellent mobility because of 360-degree spinner wheels.
  6. It comes with adjustable telescopic handles which make it convenient for the users.


  1. The lock may occasionally not work but it can be fixed.
  2. Users sometimes find it difficult to get the instructions.
  3. There can be some color mismatch as the photo is being provided by the seller.
  4. Not wholly scratch resistant.

AmazonBasics Hardshell Spinner Suitcase

This suitcase has got an easy carry on size and if you are someone who has to travel frequently this suitcase can be a perfect pick for you. It wheels around and turns very easily. So many kinds of stuff for short but frequent trips fit in it easily. This best lightweight suitcase for international travel has compartments and zippers that keep things separate and organized. What adds the most is it is very much stylish and good looking when it comes to appearance. It has got a combination lock that is accessible by TSA. It is extremely lightweight which makes it favorite for the users who have already bought it. It has got multiple compartments which make it easier to keep all the clothing, other necessities, and documents in an organized way. It comes with easy mobility as it has got 360-degree dual spinner wheels. Furthermore, it has an adjustable and telescopic handle.

This luggage comes with different colors like Black, Gold, Graphite, Rose Gold and Silver. Customers can pick their favorite color from these available colors.

Product Features

  • Import:

The luggage is being imported.

  • Size:

It has got only one size and that is 20 inches.

  • Case:

It has a hard-shell travel luggage case with a brushed metallic finish.

  • Space:

The luggage can be used as a carry-on but spacious enough for the essentials.

  • Compartments:

It has got multiple compartments with straps and zippers.

  • Mobility:

360-degree dual spinner wheels.

  • Handle:

It has an adjustable, telescopic handle.


  1. It has spacious enough space for keeping all the essentials.
  2. Easy mobility is attainable through 360-degree dual spinner wheels.
  3. Pretty much lightweight to travel frequently.
  4. Very good and stylish appearance.
  5. Sized to work as best carry on luggage for travel.
  6.  It features a recessed TSA lock.


  1. Handle seems not so comfortable to some.
  2. The wheels seem to work not so good after a few travels according to some users but it can be fixed.
  3. Zipper seems problematic to some.
  4. For some, it is difficult to follow the instructions given along with the luggage and some complains not to find it.
  5. It is not wholly scratch proof.
  6. Not suitable for a long vacation or business travel for an individual.

We lead a busy life, for personal and business purposes we need to travel quite often. If you are no different it is so unlikely that you do not need the best lightweight carry on luggage for your regular travel. So, my top picks of best lightweight suitcase for international travel are mentioned above. For a fashionable and easy to go carry on suitcase a buyer can go through the article and get an idea about which one seems perfect to serve his purposes. The features, pros, and cons must be considered while buying these travel suitcases. It is good to never rush while buying anything before the prior screening of the product.

One can easily find out about the best easy to go travel suitcases on different websites, forums and websites on the internet which can be a good buying guide. Expect to end up buying the best carry on luggage after doing thorough research on it.

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