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American Airlines Traveling With Pets: Easily and Comfortably

American Airlines understands the importance of traveling with pet companions, and that’s why they have made the process comfortable and convenient for pet owners. With specially designed Air Pet policies, American Airlines will ensure your furry friend is taken care of with top-notch service from the time of booking to arrival. Whether you’re heading on a holiday with your pet or it’s a business trip, American Airlines makes it fast and easy to get your pet settled, no matter the destination.

There’s no need to worry about leaving your furry friend behind, just let American Airlines make your trip with pets enjoyable.

Traveling with Pets on American Airlines

American Airlines states that they “love having pets onboard” and have created a pet policy to welcome them into the cabin of their flights. Whether you are flying domestically or traveling internationally, understanding the American Airlines pet policy is important to ensure the comfort, safety, and compliance of all passengers, including those furry friends.

This article lays out the American Airlines pet policy in full detail, explains the rules and its exceptions, and provides some tips to make traveling with a pet easier and more stress-free.

American Airlines Pet Policy Overview

If you intend to take your pet on board with you, you must follow American Airlines’ pet policy. They require that a Passenger Confirmation of Animal Form must be completed prior to boarding the flight. It includes travel information, the type of pet, and a medical certificate.

All pets must be in a secure kennel or container large enough for the animal to stand, turn around, and lay comfortably. The kennel should not exceed 19 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high and must remain under the seat in front of the customer throughout the entire flight.

If traveling with a cat or dog, customers are also required to purchase a carrier that is designed for air travel. The size of the carrier must be immediately noticeable to the handling agents and may not exceed 19 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high.

However, customers traveling with a service or emotional support animal must call the American Airlines Special Assistance Desk at least 48 hours before their departure to confirm the arrangements and be sure that the animal remains comfortable throughout the journey.

Common Exceptions to American Airlines Pet Policy

The American Airlines pet policies does not apply to all pets. Some exceptions include:

  • Dogs and cats younger than 8 weeks old.
  • Animals traveling as checked baggage are not required to be in a kennel, but the kennel must meet the requirements set by the carrier.
  • Animals traveling as ‘manifested cargo’ (which includes many species, including birds, monkeys, hedgehogs, and some types of rodents and reptiles) are not required to be in a kennel, but the carrier may require the animal to be in a secure container.

In addition, if you are traveling with an emotional support animal (ESAs), be aware that American Airlines requires a health certificate form, animals must remain on a leash always during the flight and must remain under the full control of its handler, and the animal must be at least 8 weeks old.

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Tips for Traveling with a Pet on American Airlines

The stress of traveling with a pet can potentially be significantly reduced by following the advice and guidelines of American Airlines.

  • Book a direct flight, if possible

Traveling with a pet on American Airlines is made easier when you book a direct flight, as the stress of multiple take-offs and landings can be exhausting for the animal, and waiting for multiple layovers can also be inconvenient.

  • Arrive early and check-in at least two hours in advance

Delays can happen, and it pays to arrive early when you have a pet in tow. Some airports have areas to keep pets comfortable while you wait, however, every airport is different. Additionally, make sure to check-in at least two hours in advance, as this is a requirement for all American Airlines pet policies.

  • Bring plenty of food and water

Hunger and thirst can quickly turn into a stressful situation on the plane. Be sure to bring enough food and water for your pet for the duration of your flight, and to make regular water stops to hydrate the animal as needed.

  • Take frequent breaks on long-haul flights

If you’re flying a long-haul flight, make sure to take frequent breaks. Crawling into the kennel and letting your pet relax with some fresh air and take a few laps around the cabin may do the trick.

How Are Pet Fees Determined When Traveling with American Airlines?

American Airlines charges a fee to carry pet in the cabin on all domestic and international flights. The fee will vary depending on the type of pet and the route you are traveling. Generally, the fee is $125 for cats/small dogs each way. There may also be additional fees associated with the type of kennel required for your pet.

You can also check the American Airlines website for more information on individual pet fees. Additionally, some destinations may have additional requirements for traveling with a pet, so be sure to check the specific requirements before booking your pet’s ticket.

Are Service and Emotional Support Animals Allowed on American Airlines Flights?

American Airlines accepts emotional support and service animals in the cabin of its aircraft for customers, with some restrictions. Customers must notify American Airlines at least 48 hours prior to departure and provide the required paperwork that includes a letter from a doctor or other mental health professional.

Additionally, American Airlines may also require that the animal is house-trained, is on a secure leash or harness, and remain in the control of its handler at all times during the flight.

Are Pets Allowed in First or Business Class on American Airlines?

Pets are allowed to travel in First and Business Class on American Airlines flights with the same rules and regulations, as stated in its pet policy. However, at the moment, emotional support and service animals are not permitted in these cabin classes.

What is the Pet Temperature Restriction for American Airlines?

American Airlines places limits on the temperature in the baggage compartments of its aircraft due to safety regulations. In the summer months, the temperature can disrupt the normal process of boarding, so they restrict it to less than 85 degrees Farenheit (29.4 degrees Celsius).

In the winter months, the maximum temperature allowed is 45 degrees Farenheit (7.2 degrees Celsius). Customers are advised to monitor the temperature carefully when traveling with their pets during these months and adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Traveling with a pet on American Airlines can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both pet and owner if all of their rules and regulations are followed. Be sure to fill out the Passenger Confirmation of Animal Form, bring a kennel or carrier large enough for your pet, and bring plenty of food and water.

Additionally, consider booking a direct flight, arrive a minimum of two hours prior to departure, take breaks and provide ample hydration as needed, and stay up-to-date with the policies regarding the temperature of the aircraft. Following all the rules and regulations will help to ensure a safe and stress-free traveling experience for both you and your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about American Airlines Traveling with Pets

How do I transport my pet with American Airlines?

You can transport your pet with American Airlines by either bringing them on board as a carry-on or checking them as baggage or cargo. Carry-on pets are only allowed on some American Airlines flights. Checked pets must be booked as baggage or cargo, depending on the type and size of your pet. Be aware that some pet policies and fees can vary based on the destination and date of travel. For more information, visit American Airlines’ “Traveling with Pets” page.

How do I book a ticket for a pet?

You can book a ticket for a pet on American Airlines by making a reservation on or by calling American Airlines Reservations. When making a reservation, you’ll be asked to provide your pet’s size and weight. Be sure to include the pet in the total number of passengers, as pets count as part of your party.

What paperwork do I need when flying with a pet?

You will need to provide pet and health documentation when flying with a pet. For domestic flights, you may be required to provide proof of rabies vaccinations. Additionally, be sure to bring extra food and water for your pet and an approved travel kennel with appropriate ventilation and food/water dishes.

Are there restrictions on the size/weight of a pet that I can bring on board?

Yes, there are restrictions on the size/weight of a pet that can be brought on board with American Airlines. Small cats and dogs must fit in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The carrier must be no larger than 19″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″. The combined weight of the pet and carrier must be no more than 20 lbs.

Are there additional fees for flying with a pet?

Yes, there are additional fees for flying with a pet with American Airlines. For both carry-on and checked pets, there is a $125 one-way fee. For international travel with a pet, additional fees may apply. For more information, visit American Airlines’ “Traveling with Pets” page.

Is it safe to fly with a pet?

Yes, American Airlines takes great care to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, including pets. Your pet will be in an approved travel kennel and must remain in the kennel for the entire flight. American Airlines also provides additional safety precautions, including non-stop flights and climate-controlled cabins.

Are there pet relief areas at airports?

Yes, many airports have designated pet relief areas where you can take your pet to use the restroom. To find pet relief areas at your departure or arrival airport, visit the American Airlines’ website or consult your airport’s website for specific directions and regulations.

Can I take a pet in the cabin on an international flight?

Yes, you can take a pet in the cabin on an international flight with American Airlines. However, it is important to check the country’s pet policies prior to booking and to create a pet travel plan that takes into account customs and immigration requirements. Additionally, there may be country-specific restrictions on the size/weight of pet that can be transported in the cabin.

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Wrapping Things Up

Traveling with pets on American Airlines requires a few extra steps, but can be a very rewarding experience when done right. First, passengers must obtain any necessary paperwork, and book a flight with a carrier on the American Airlines network. Animals must then be approved by the airline before boarding. All pets must be accompanied by at least one passenger in the cabin and be securely stowed in a carrier that monitors their safety at all times. Lastly, in-cabin pets must be taken out of the carrier while on the plane for health and comfort breaks.

Overall, American Airlines travelling with pets is a feasible goal when proper preparations are made and the necessary protocol followed. With the right information and correct practice, passengers can make the most out of the experience.

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